What random acts of kindness have you received in the past from people you don't know?

  Jwbjnwolf 22:53 31 Aug 2013

I am not gonna talk of what the reason was as it's personal (not about any lives lost though so don't think that), but I feel that it would be nice to share this here, as I'm certain that it'll create some smiles and it could help someone else to realise that you can be amazed with the kindness of people that you don't even know.

On Thursday I was in town, had a really really huge upset, which basically just shattered me, and so I was sitting on a bench, just in tears, and obviously in a very crowded place, and I dunno if anyone did look over, but loads just passed, but then 2 guys went by, they saw me, saw the state I was in, and they sat down by me and talked to me, and they just put me first, they were more concerned about cheering me up and then getting me on a bus making sure I was ok and went straight to my club.

They were also homeless, so they weren't in their best of days themselves, they had just lost there jobs and homes and been in the rough, so they may of felt like how I was feeling "why god?", but they still came over and just done what you'd think anyone would do, just a simple act of kindness and support and love. They didn't need to do that, they could of just walked past minding their own business, but no, they saw me, and it just heartbroke them.

One of them took off his hat and popped it on me and said "wow that really suites you, you can have it". There they are, lost their jobs, lost their homes, had been out in the rough, going around trying to get a hostile, and they give something of theirs away to me.

Ok you can't take it for granted when they say they are homeless, but as soon as they said they were homeless etc, I gave them bit of my money as a bit of kindness back. Ok they certainly didn't hesitate, but they never even thought of asking.

But that had such a huge impact on me, not necessarily at that exact moment because I was still trembling inside, but it just simply amazes me how if you bump into the right people, you can be touched for life, and that for sure, I know will. I find that hat he gave so special because they gave it to me, and all it can take to change someone's mood from broken to blessed is someone saying something simple as "Stay strong, you are loved, and you are worth so much more than this". That's all it can often take, and that's made me realise that much more about how much people do care for me.

I've posted this because I'm sure that it will create smiles, and because I'm pretty sure that certain members that have a lot of times helped me might like to read.

And also it'd be lovely if anyone else has anything to say about their little stories of times they've had a complete stranger do a simple act of kindness for you.

What I'd like to say is that even if you feel that simple acts of kindness in the real world is very rare, just remember that you can be utterly shocked as to be honest ever since I started going to college and to town and other places by myself on the buses, I've just looked around and I've been amazed on the things I've seen some people do.

It's such a lovely thing to see and experience, and it just makes me view this world as a brighter place despite all the horrible things that go on.

Just do your best to try and push aside all the horrible things and look out for all the nice bright things in life as you can be so amazed by what you find.

Hope this has made some inspiration for you all and have a lovely night and a lovely Sunday.

Remember to catch people with the pinches and punches as its September tomorrow ;D

  Aitchbee 23:30 31 Aug 2013

Without appearing to be too flippant/cheeky ... kindly, young persons at bus stops,now graciously allow me to get on board the bus first ['cos I now look like an old codger with my shiny new walking-stick in hand] ... it makes my day, so it does :o]

  Jwbjnwolf 23:37 31 Aug 2013

Aww I'm always doing that. This morning when on the bus, it was almost full to the brim as soon as I got on (it's normally empty until about half way into town because I'm in the rural parts just by the county border which the bus comes from town in the next county) and so when got more built up, there was next to no seats available, but there was one next to me so when a boy and his father got on I moved seats so that they can sit together :)

And then on the way back I had to stand all the way back lol, and had to keep moving to the door to make room for people coming in and going out lol. So if you come across me, then most likely ill be one of those youngsters you described xd

  Aitchbee 23:42 31 Aug 2013

You are a topman ... good on ya!

  bumpkin 23:53 31 Aug 2013

without meaning anything may I ask how old you are.

  Aitchbee 23:55 31 Aug 2013

You talkin' to me? bumpkin.

  Jwbjnwolf 23:59 31 Aug 2013

I'm 18 if you're asking me :)

  bumpkin 00:11 01 Sep 2013

I was asking Jwbjnwolf and wondering why you are homeless. There are plenty of kind people around the world is not as bad as it sometimes seems.

  bumpkin 00:20 01 Sep 2013

Bad punctuation by me, There are plenty of kind people around, the world is not as bad as it sometime seems.

  Jwbjnwolf 00:46 01 Sep 2013

I know bumpkin that this world isn't as bad as it seems, I spend a lot of my free time blogging on my website etc writing inspirational things to try and do my best to get as many people that I can who going through tough times to realise that.

Ever since I started doing this since last November, I've had literally 10s of 1000s of people see my blog posts, mainly because on Instagram I actually go through these #tags that people using for venting to collect 100 or so usernames to tag onto my main post "suicide is a lie".

I like to think that at least half of the people that I've tagged helped them, whether it's massively, or smally (what ever the correct word is xD).

It does really upset me that there is just so damn many people out there that are on the edge of saying goodbye, but I know that I am really good at what I do writing inspirational things, so I just need to share them with the world, because I knew from day one that what I am writing is gonna help loads of people and it sure has, and because I do this, those two guys, I know EXACTLY what they felt inside by what they did, although it heartbroke them seeing someone in that state, they were able to walk away knowing that they had cheered me up massively and me knowing how that feels, it's just one of the most amazing feelings ever.

1]: [click here

  Jwbjnwolf 00:48 01 Sep 2013

Oh dear there's that click here again xD

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