What programs have you made if any?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:04 04 Mar 2005

Have you designed yourself or with a group of freinds a program or application?

I am learning how to use visual basic at the moment, so I am interested in what you can make.

It doesn't matter what language was used to make it.but could you please say what you made and what you used to make it with.


  octal 17:45 04 Mar 2005

I think you've got Linux haven't you? Have you opened some of the scripts in some of the applications to see how they work?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:48 04 Mar 2005

14 year old whippersnappers learning programming, whatever next.

I'm 40 and haven't a clue how to program!

  Stuart Leyland 17:52 04 Mar 2005

I've just created a Staff Management program as part of my coursework for AS level Computing. I used Delphi and it allows the user to add, edit and delete employee's and record their attendance.

There are things that could have been done much better (I'm very critical of my work and a "perfectionist" according to one of my mates) but I was restricted to using only the components that come with Delphi 5 (which is a few years old I believe). I'm also certain that some of the coding could have been done better but I was only given about four weeks worth of coding time. That, coupled with the aforementioned "perfectionist" comment means that I have spent much longer on it than most people and I wouldn't like to begin to counting up the time spent on it.

I would recommend Delphi quite strongly, as long as you are able to install your own components because some of the one's that come installed with it have quite interesting and bizarre restrictions which I found very annoying. It is a reasonably easy language to learn, although in saying that, I don't profess to have a fantastic command of the language and I wouldn't even imagine that I've began to dig much under the surface of it but it has lots of promise. Obviously, a lot depends on what you're creating as to which programming language you choose.

However, saying that, if you enjoy programming like me, you will never have enough time to get it working as you think it should.

  stalion 17:53 04 Mar 2005

never to late to learn as people in there 70's have been featured on here learning about computers.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:56 04 Mar 2005

Maybe when I retire I will find the time!! :-)

  stalion 19:37 04 Mar 2005


  smudge101 19:53 04 Mar 2005

I designed and programmed a new timetabling sytem for a university.

I used VB6 to do the user interface and C++ to do all of the 'mechanics'.

Instead of linking to a database I used text files to staore all of the relevent information and output was done in VB6 with an option to publish timetables to the internet.

VB6 (which I know you got recently) can be used for a lot of different applications, if you want a project to work on I can see what I can find!?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:54 04 Mar 2005

Valvegrid - I did have linux after a whole harddrive format windows and linux had gone but i only have windows at the moment but when i next boot linux ill have a look.thanks

Mr Mistoffelees - Yep, not too late, I have been reading the book "Visual BASIC by Oliver and N. Kanataris".It is a very good book and very easy to understand,I read the book when i get into school early,on the bus,and in regitration and lessons.lol.im only on page 43 out of 285 :-).but visual basic isn't as hard as i thought it was as you don't have to code your boxes and cursurs as they are done for you here is the code you would need to enter if you wanted a box that said hello pcadvisor and you would need to fill this code in the form code box

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Print "Hello pcadvisor"
End Sub

You would need a form with a command button (the little clickable boxes) then you fill the code in.sorry if i have not made sense!

Perhaps ill shutup and let you do it on your own,youll get confused otherwise :-)

Stuart Leyland - Sounds good,well done to you!

Stalion - good encouragement!

  stalion 20:47 04 Mar 2005

Thankyou teacher I'll bring you an apple tommorow

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:22 04 Mar 2005

Thanks smudge101 nice to see you again!

stalion - Teachers get money these days not lousy apples,ah i get you now a nice apple imac


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