What Phone OS Platform

  woodchip 10:24 21 Sep 2012

Before you say it should be in the Phone forum, it's not a phone problem, and this is why I posted hear in that it's going to get more views and responses than Phone Forum. As we all know Apple are Patents Paranoid. 1/ So what happens to all those with Android phones and software development? 2/ what is going to be the best platform to use other than iPhone? Windows or still Android

  Condom 14:21 21 Sep 2012

Well having decided that the new iPhone is pretty dull, I am looking seriously at the Nokia Windows 920, or perhaps the version from HTC. At the present time the Nokia is my first choice and it may be down to price.

Her indoors, who likes iPhones, is in the USA at the moment and has got her hands on an iPhone 5 but she tells me they are not able to get her an unlocked one before she returns. She is also trying to get my AT & T iPhone 4 properly unlocked which AT & T have refused to do for years. Means I don't have to have it cracked any more and I can update the software.

  bremner 16:17 21 Sep 2012

The question is about phone operating systems not phones.

iOS is by far the best system currently available and that is unlikely to change with W8 Mobile but only time will tell.

  interzone55 16:57 21 Sep 2012


Maybe you should add "in my opinion" to that sweeping statement.

I've used Android for a few years now, and it takes some beating when run on decent hardware, but I'm a bit torn on where to go when next year's phone upgrade comes round.

I've always had a soft spot for Nokia phones, they're generally very well built, so if Windows 8 isn't completely pants I may swap to a Nokia or HTC Windows phone, or stick with Android.

I will not under any circumstances go for an Apple phone...

  Woolwell 17:18 21 Sep 2012

I'm not sure about iOS being the best now that iOS6 is here. Apple Maps is very poor and is still a work in progress as is Passbook. Apple appear to have released iOS6 with parts in beta format. I'll wait and see what Windows 8 looks like especially the Nokia 920 or go android unless Apple releases iOS7 without the problems associated with Apple Maps.

  bremner 17:36 21 Sep 2012

Passbook and Maps, which is true awful and something Apple should be ashamed to have released, are not the operating system they are Apple Apps that come with the operating system.

alan14 I didn't think I needed to say IMO because anyones answer to this question is going to be their opinion. I vase my view on having used iOS, Android and Blackberry a great deal. Least said about Blackberry the better. Android is OK but it is simply not as easy and straightforward as iOS, or as intuitive to use.

That said I think my sons S2 is as good, if not better phone than my 4gs and I am sure the S3 is almost certainly better. Ignoring the iPhone5 for now I imagine the ideal solution would be an S3 running iOS.

  Woolwell 18:02 21 Sep 2012

Although they are apps you don't have any choice whether you get Apple Maps or not and it removes Google Maps. This is the sort of thing that Microsoft got into trouble over with IE in Windows.

  woodchip 18:22 21 Sep 2012

I am watching your post this thread with interest. I have no interest in iPhone. Nokia also I like as they are solid well built phones

  interzone55 21:29 21 Sep 2012


This is the sort of thing that Microsoft got into trouble over with IE in Windows.

I've long said that Apple get away with behaviour that Microsoft have been fine millions for doing. Not sure why they get away with it.

I think many of the less blinkered Apple customers are getting sick and tired of their bullish behaviour. With a bit of luck Apple's lawyers will gradually eat away at their cash pile and they'll realise that maybe they need to start innovating again...

  Forum Editor 06:22 22 Sep 2012

I always find these threads interesting because they highlight the way that mobiles phone purchasing decisions are not based on a phone's primary purpose, which is to make and receive calls, send texts, and deal with email. All modern phones will do that without breaking a sweat, so decisions are being based on other things.

Some phones are bought because they are objects of desire,and peer group pressures make people strive to be among the first to have the latest device- you only have to look at the mania surrounding every new iPhone launch to see it in action. Huge queues outside Apple stores on the day of each launch are now a regular occurrence.

I think others buy phones crammed with gizmos they'll rarely, if ever, use and just tinker with the various features, marvelling at the technology involved. I have often heard people saying how they're phone can do this or that trick, only to realise that' when asked to demonstrate, they don't really know how to use the facility in question.

All this is fine - we can all spend our money as we wish, and of course it serves to keep a huge industry rolling along. If We were all happy with phones that made calls and texts,most of the phone manufacturers would have been trouble years ago.

  Forum Editor 06:35 22 Sep 2012


I'm not sure what it is you think Apple is 'getting away with'.

Microsoft got into trouble because it embedded IE into every new version of Windows. It became the default browser for every new windows PC sold, and that meant the vast majority of computer users were more or less tied to the Microsoft browser.

Apple has done the same thing with Safari, but based on a far smaller market share. Unlike Microsoft the company couldn't be accused of using its dominant position in the market to force out fair competition.

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