What pc item would you like for Christmas

  stalion 21:24 22 Oct 2004

Always difficult to buy presents for men at Christmas (I am not being sexist) so if we pool our ideas perhaps we could end up with something other than socks.I could do with a new mouse mat

  Nellie2 21:35 22 Oct 2004

I was looking in a Boots catalogue and I noticed that they had Robot kit thing that you build and then I suppose it whizzes about the place bumping into things and changing direction.... I thought I might treat my nearest and dearest!

Me... I'd like a flat monitor! :)

  watchful 21:45 22 Oct 2004

A new mouse.

  gudgulf 21:53 22 Oct 2004

A new DVD burner would be nice--however christmas has come a bit early for me as my graphics card has just died under warranty, and the resultant refund has gone towards a serious upgrade in the graphics department.My nearest and dearest has assured me that my Christmas wish list is officially closed,and there is no right of appeal by letter or otherwise to Santa Claus. :o(

  CurlyWhirly 22:46 22 Oct 2004

A new 64 bit PC with SATA hard drives and a top of the range PCI Express graphics card would be nice but it's just wishful thinking as I can't afford it yet unless I win the lottery!

  niknax 23:43 22 Oct 2004

good question!!

but were all spoilt peeps, who always get there own way, when pc's are concerned!! eh!!


  Neutered 23:59 22 Oct 2004

I've decided to buy my wife a basque which is embroidered in incredibly fine MESH. I know I'm being a TINY bit extravagant but it has a guaranteed DELLivery date on Christmas EAVSHAM.

  Bapou 00:05 23 Oct 2004

A camcorder, I'm getting fed up making just photo slides with a musical background to view on the TV. I want to make real live moving pictures of holidays in the future.

Once upon a time I swore I'd could never be bothered carrying around one of those huge, heavy video cameras.

Now I want to join the club with one of those small lightweights which are so popular. May be I will get the chance to meet one or two of those people of the past and tell them to get out of the way.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:23 23 Oct 2004

ive been saving up on my paperound,im going to get money for christmas,then i can buy a hp ipaq 4150,can't wait!

  Sapins 11:53 23 Oct 2004

I'd like an obedient mouse:-(

  picklsey 12:55 23 Oct 2004

an external harddrive.

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