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What papers do you buy and read?

  rickf 14:58 07 Jun 2020

I used to buy both the Sunday Times and The Observer on Sundays to get a balanced view of the news. I am now down tom just one, The observer. Wondering what others' buying and reading habits are given that sales of Newspapers are on the decline.

  Al94 15:28 07 Jun 2020

Haven't bought a single newspaper in many years. Get all I need online although unsurprisingly more paywalls are appearing especially on local paper sites.

  john bunyan 15:34 07 Jun 2020


Can’t always get it in lockdown but I read the Sunday Times if possible. They did a good Insight article about the terrible delays at the start of lockdown a week or so ago.

  Pine Man 15:35 07 Jun 2020

I get The Times and The Mail 7 days a week and the Home Page on all my internet browsers is The BBC News page. I must confess I find it very interesting to note the differences in reporting:-))

  Condom 16:08 07 Jun 2020

I think the last Newspaper I bought would be about 1986. Until about 1989 I was sent one free each day at work but I was in them too often and as often as not they didn't actually record what I said. I just stopped buying them. I can't say I have missed them at all and personally I think far too much creadence is given to them these days as they really spend most of their time giving their opinion rather than reporting and their sales are now so low.

  Dunk 17:44 07 Jun 2020

Condom "....they really spend most of their time giving their opinion rather than reporting and their sales are now so low."

Most newspapers are now owned by off-shore billionaires, and they are generally used as political house magazines that toe the line for whatever party they wish to back.

Sales are dropping fast, of the printed word, as more people now get their information on-line. A good thing in my view, too much 'power' in the hands of a few wealthy men.

  MPN1A 18:12 07 Jun 2020

Local paper for local news. I haven't bought a national newspaper for decades. TV and Radio 4 tell me all that I want/need to know.

  Quickbeam 18:17 07 Jun 2020

None, but I'll take a free copy of the Metro home with me when I see it, but in the present circumstances, that's not happening either!

  Forum Editor 22:37 07 Jun 2020

I read news sites, and occasionally an online newspaper for specific reasons, but I have not bought a newspaper in this country for many years.

  Cymro. 10:43 08 Jun 2020

Gave up on Sunday newspapers many years ago but don't remember exactly why. My daily paper is a Liverpool based one and buy it as it has more news local to North Wales.

  JoeHenry 13:58 12 Jun 2020

All news comes to the smartphone. This gives me some comfort because it allows me to read the news without getting out of bed in the morning.

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