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What next for Ukraine?

  Flak999 23:27 23 Feb 2014

Yanukovych has gone, the same way most dictators go, either like this or like this What now for Ukraine? this?

If Putin decides to send the tanks in, where do we in the west stand?

Osborne has apparently promised Ukraine that the UK has it's cheque book ready! (what about the deficit?)

Troubled times ahead methinks!

  john bunyan 07:42 05 Mar 2014

At 8pm tonight there is a Radio 4 programme, "The Moral Maze" discussing this issue.

  spuds 09:40 05 Mar 2014

No matter what is stated on this forum or anywhere else, it will be the Russians who will decide on what action that they are prepared to take on this issue.

Seeing a television clip yesterday evening, Putin seemed very relaxed before an audience of reporter's, as it appeared he was making notes for his speech to them.

  bumpkin 13:46 05 Mar 2014

fm, very good but I can't put a name to him, has to be a Bond villain.

  Aitchbee 15:30 05 Mar 2014

... Gasfinger!

  john bunyan 11:19 06 Mar 2014

The Crimean parliament has decided to hold a referendum in 10 days time on whether to join Russia or remain as part of Ukraine. Referendum

Quite an expected and cunning move; how can we object when we are allowing referendum on Scotland soon?

  Flak999 17:51 06 Mar 2014

One thing we can be thankful for! Our independent nuclear deterrent. If ever there was a good reason for keeping and renewing our submarine launched nuclear missiles, Putin and Russia is it!

As the use of force is the only thing Putin seems to respect, I think his little adventure in the Ukraine will stop before he threatens a NATO country. I don't think the Russian people will allow him to risk the prospect of nuclear war.

  spuds 18:19 06 Mar 2014

If you want to think about a possibility of a nuclear incident, then think no further than the Cuban saga in 1962, and how that nearly ended?.

  Flak999 18:20 06 Mar 2014


"are you really envisaging we would ever be standing alone, threatening Russia??"

No, not at all. What I am saying is that Putin only respects the use of force, we would not act against him without our partners in NATO. But he must know that if his recreation of the old soviet sphere of influence were to involve an attack on a NATO country (Poland for instance) then he must expect that a nuclear response would be a possibility!

NATO's nuclear weapons are what will ensure his little adventure does not go beyond Ukraine's borders.

  john bunyan 19:45 06 Mar 2014

What is the difference between a referendum for Crimea or Scotland? Both have autonomous governments and borders. If this were a true invasion, things may be different. The Russians did not threaten nuclear war when the USA and a few others invaded Iraq, and this is not the time or event to use the doomsday threat.

  Flak999 20:35 06 Mar 2014


I am not for one moment advocating first use. Our nuclear deterrent is just that a deterrent! But without nuclear weapons and a dramatic run down of our conventional forces, it would have left us dangerously exposed to Putins adventures.

Our nuclear weapons along with those of the US and France I believe guarantee that the belligerent Russian bear would think long and hard before employing on a NATO country the tactics we have witnessed this week used against Ukraine.

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