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What next for Ukraine?

  Flak999 23:27 23 Feb 2014

Yanukovych has gone, the same way most dictators go, either like this or like this What now for Ukraine? this?

If Putin decides to send the tanks in, where do we in the west stand?

Osborne has apparently promised Ukraine that the UK has it's cheque book ready! (what about the deficit?)

Troubled times ahead methinks!

  Flak999 16:12 28 Feb 2014

Well I don't know what runes your reading but BBC monitoring are reporting:

16:03: Russian planes are landing in Crimea and a column of armoured personnel carriers is approaching Simferopol, Ukrainska Pravda website is reporting (BBC Monitoring)

As for a meeting of the Russian parliament, they just do what Putin tells them!

  Aitchbee 17:54 28 Feb 2014

It might be on the cards or even in the Runes, but maybe, just maybe, Putin has bigger plans for Russia [think of all of it's OIL reserves] perhaps even joining and then becoming [after awhile] a leading member of the European Union. Who knows.

What's next for Ukraine ... peace and membership of the EU.

  bremner 18:01 28 Feb 2014


...and Scotland will vote for independence.

Very liitle chance of either happening soon.

  Flak999 18:12 28 Feb 2014

Well it's official Russia admits its troops are moving in Crimea video footage of Russian attack helicopters and armoured vehicles moving into the Crimea.

So much for Putins subtlety eh!

  Flak999 14:11 01 Mar 2014

Putin asks (that's a laugh) the Russian parliament to authorise the sending of troops to Ukraine.

From Russia Today:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked the country’s senators to approve sending Russian troops to Ukraine to settle the situation there. Russian MPs have said that the turmoil in Crimea could allow for such a move."

  john bunyan 15:54 01 Mar 2014

Until 1951 Crimea was a State of the USSR. They were then put under the control of Ukraine when that was also a State within the USSR. Following a referendum in 1991 Crimea became autonomous, still within the Ukraine. Perhaps Mr Salmond should go to Crimea and advise them to have another referendum on their future- perhaps to revert to an independent state. I am sorry for the population of Ukraine- so much potential, so much trouble.

  Flak999 16:29 01 Mar 2014
  johndrew 10:16 02 Mar 2014

I found the political(?) terms and actions to date most interesting; very similar to those used by Germany in the build up to WW2.

The Russians refer to the actions of the Ukraine speaking population as those of Nazis.

The Germans went into the Sudetenland to protect German speakers in the area from alleged privations. Shortly after the whole of Czechoslovakia was occupied.

Russia has entered Crimea at the request(?) of Russian speakers who feel at risk of privations. With the substantial increase in Russian troop numbers entering the Crimea area a similar occupation of Ukraine could quickly follow; especially as the local defence forces are quite weak.

Given the Russian feelings for the Nazis as a result of WW2 it is very interesting they justify similar actions to those by Germany in 1938 by calling those in Kiev Nazis and then use similar tactics in Crimea.

Additionally the Russians also condemned the Kiev population for an "armed uprising" which they consider undemocratic - so the 1918 Russian Revolution was what I wonder.

It is often said that history repeats itself, but who would have thought such similarities would present themselves in this way.

  Flak999 11:02 02 Mar 2014

If Russian forces cross the border from Crimea into the rest of Ukraine there will be war! Ukraine is calling up it's reservists and there are tacit moves by the western powers to bring our forces to a state of readiness to assist Ukraine.

I hope Putin realises what he is doing!

  Flak999 12:18 02 Mar 2014

fourm member

Do you still think Putin is being subtle?

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