What next?

  Brumas 19:15 11 Aug 2008

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Will we all have to apply for retrospective planning permission for the bird tables nearly all of us have?

I could go on but It would turn into a rant.......

We just live across the burn from the couple and they seem pretty normal to me.

  Brumas 19:17 11 Aug 2008

I meant along the Burn and not across!!!!

  bluto1 19:33 11 Aug 2008

I agree with you, it could become a right royal rant. It'd be good to name and shame the council.

  Bingalau 19:37 11 Aug 2008

We've got a neighbour a couple of doors away who complains to the council about things like that too. Out of the whole street she is the only one who ever complains about anything. Needless to say her next door neighbour now throws all her bird feed in to her garden at night without her knowing. What a jolly jape!

  Quickbeam 19:58 11 Aug 2008

What a splendid phrase!

  SB23 20:28 11 Aug 2008

The sad thing is that, I am sure this happened a few years back, can't remember the outcome, but I will always feed my native birds.

As for the noise and dirt, never mind the birds, what about the kids?

Deal with them first.

Not to mention that if they're allowed to stop us feeding the UK's wildlife, as Brumas has said, "what will be next?".

  jack 20:30 11 Aug 2008

As stated many people feed birds.
We do
Was it this one couple got such a missive?
What are they doing that is different from the mainstream I wonder?
Some years ago a lady in South London fed pigeons to such an extent that hundreds were on neigbouring roofs fouling all and sundry washing on lines and so forth
And she did wind up in court a got a good seeing to by the judiciary I seem to recall'- because she too would not stop.
So a couple of feeders and a bird bath is OK- but when it turns into a fast food outlet I guess it needs looking into-
Its all a matter of degree.

  Jim Thing 20:41 11 Aug 2008

"...if they're allowed to stop us feeding the UK's wildlife [...] what will be next?".

Delinquent teenagers will all die off.

  Brumas 20:51 11 Aug 2008

I'm bushed!! I have just been constructing a ducting and flexible piping to fit over the outlet grill from my kitchen extractor fan.
I finished this then dug a pit, lined it with charcoal and matting to filter the ducted air - after all I don't want the delicious cooking odours to attract vagrants,illegal immigrants or passing jobsworths do I ;o)

  Bingalau 21:09 11 Aug 2008

Brumas. You won't be able to attract that good looking bird from next door either.

  Brumas 21:12 11 Aug 2008

Lovely though she is the lady to my right is 65, the lady to my left is 74 and the 'young un' opposite is in her 60s ;o(

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