What nationality is least likely to tip?

  Awshum 16:17 26 Mar 2010

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Do you as the norm, or only when service is really good?

Worst tip I gave was 90p, best being usually around 20%, most I ever gave was £20.

The 90p was the change from me deliberately ordering an extra drink to increase my bill closer to the £40 in notes I was using to pay.

The £20 was towards a pool of cash for the two waiters at my wedding dinner who were awesome.

  Kevscar1 16:26 26 Mar 2010

Depends good food good sevice gets 10%, if either are bad nothing.

  interzone55 16:45 26 Mar 2010

I get annoyed at two things regarding tipping

1) places that add the tip onto the bill automatically. The type of place that does this usually has the kind of staff who've done the least to earn the tip.

2) places that include the tips in the staff salary, so they pay them a base of less than minimum wage.

I usually top up the bill to a round amount, so a £36 bill will be rounded up to £40 (11%). If service has been very good I'll leave the tip as cash on the table, so the table staff get to pocket it directly...

  sunnystaines 17:08 26 Mar 2010

on my last holiday to W.I. noticed that a lot of americans give large and frequent tips to nearly everyone.

perhaps it better to tip at the start of a holiday to ensure good service

  rickf 19:01 26 Mar 2010

I always asked if the tip is being shared by the staff at the end of the shift before I tip. Some restaurants keep them which is not al all fair.

  Paddylad 19:09 26 Mar 2010

In Canada, a tax of 15% is added to your bill, and you are expected to pay the same amount as a tip.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:19 26 Mar 2010

I never tip as I expect the cost of a meal to include an amount for wages. I don't expect to tip the cashier at Waitrose when she swipes my groceries and as good service should be the norm I am not inclined to tip when I receive it.


  Al94 19:44 26 Mar 2010

Why does that not come as a surprise! Sunnystaines makes a good point, a few squid up front can transform an experience.

  morddwyd 19:51 26 Mar 2010

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

I believe that some good tips at the start of a cruise can enhance your voyage to a considerable degree, though I've never been on a cruise myself.

  Paul-1379466 20:14 26 Mar 2010

I accidentally gave a $40 tip to a Mexican in the middle of the night in Houston thinking I gave 2 $1 bills for showing me where a taxi was. All $ bills are the same colour and size. It did seem to make his day however. In mitigation I had been traveling for 3 days & it was dark.

  birdface 09:42 27 Mar 2010

My son used to work in one of the top hotels in London and he said the worst tippers were Australian.

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