What is the most reliable laptop company?

  PC Advisor 11:07 02 Jan 2013

We what to know what you think is the most reliable laptop company out there?

Let us know in our poll and also have your say in the this thread.

Poll: What is the most reliable laptop company?

  Quickbeam 11:13 02 Jan 2013

I don't know, that's one of the reasons I use this site for finding that sort of thing out!

  Aitchbee 11:46 02 Jan 2013

I would have mentioned the brand names of my two 'workhorse' laptops [which I've had / used for donkeys years] ... but that would be tempting fate ;o]

  Nontek 11:48 02 Jan 2013

What do you mean by most reliable company ... as laptop manufacturers I believe there is not much to choose between them, but where laptop Reliability is concerned I am more inclined to think of firms such as NOVATECH, for both build and Service reliability.

  Woolwell 12:10 02 Jan 2013

I'm not sure that I am in a position to give a good answer. In my household we have had 5 laptops over the years all from different manufacturers. When my son visits he brings his Apple Mac. None of them have broken down due to their fault. One did suffer from an excess of wine! One required a replacement battery after 3 years which I regard as normal wear and tear.

If you have had a bad experience then you tend to shout about it.

I have no experience of Asus, Alienware (isn't that Dell too), MSI or Panasonic. I know about Panasonic tough books. But are they more reliable than the other brands?

In short I don't know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:10 02 Jan 2013

Its the luck of the draw - sometimes you get a "Friday afternoon" machine :0(

As most of the components seem to be interchangeable between machines it appears to be the quality of the case that can determine whether people consider a machineto be reliable or not, for instance a bad cases can cause a broken screen if it flexes too much or hinges snap.

Also software problem will give people a wrong impression of machine reliability.

I have 4 laptops:-

I still have a laptop (its bigger than my current desktop)I use for a particular work that was built in the eighties (company no longer in existence), the software will not run on a faster machine, this has a 286 processor.

Still have a good HP running win 98, a Compaq running windows 200 pro, and a 3 or 4 yr old (can't remember which) Toshiba running Vista.

Also had a couple of works IBMs that took a lot of stick over the years.

The Toshiba has "scorch" marks on the wrist rest and I keep having to repair the DC jack.

The HPs have had no problems what so ever.

Having repaired quite a few machines for various people over the years I would steer away from buying myself an Acer or Dell (case quality mostly)

I would buy a HP but think they no longer make laptops?

Or would go for another Toshiba (liked the look of them when browsing in John Lewis the other day).

  Woolwell 12:12 02 Jan 2013

PS I suspect that some of the people who could give a good answer to this are the managers/customer service reps of large retail units who would know which brands are returned with faults most often. Whether they could publicise this though is open to question.

  Forum Editor 13:29 02 Jan 2013

I suppose it's difficult to make this judgement unless you have used more than one make of machine, and even then you're obviously not going to be in a position to compare all the manufacturers. Purchasing decisions are made using all kinds of criteria, and reliability is something you discover after you have used the laptop for a time.

That said, I've used laptops for a long time, and I've tried quite a few different makes. My stand-out favourite is Toshiba. I've owned several, and all of them have been good, solid performers throughout their working lives.

  morddwyd 13:55 02 Jan 2013

This is bit of a non-starter really.

As Quickbeam says, this is the sort thing we should be asking PCA not the other way around.

I suspect that most of us have owned one or more of the makes listed, but I doubt if any of us, other than professionals, have owned all of them, let alone owned them long enough to form an objective opinion on reliability.

I also think that most of us could produce a horror story about one of the makes, against all other opinion (in my case Toshiba), and a tale of legendary reliability about one of the 0thers.

  SimpleSimon1 15:13 02 Jan 2013

I agree with FruitBat that it depends what you mean by reliability. I have had several Dell laptops and the units have suffered zero component failures. However, the output lead from the power block has cracked to reveal the screen, a couple of times. Of course, that may be the way that the power blocks have been handled over time and/or the cable wrapped.

  Matt Egan 16:18 02 Jan 2013

In response to Quickbeam's initial post, one of the questions we get asked most often is 'what's a reliable brand of laptop?' Fairly straightforward, you would think, but actually it is impossible for us to make a judgment. We can tell you which laptops perform the best when they are new, but without using over a long period of time every PC we test - in exactly the same way - we can't in all conscience make a definitive verdict. We do, however, have lots or readers (6 million at the last count). So we thought we'd run a survey to see if we can learn from the experience of our readers.

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