What kind of battery is this

  bumpkin 22:52 25 Jun 2018

What kind of battery is this, or more to the point where can I get one. My garage door remote control stopped working so I opened it expecting a button type battery to be replaced but it was one I have never seen before. 8mm Dia x 28mm Long, a bit like an AAA but even smaller. It tests as very low so I assume that is the problem. It is very difficult to read the markings but it says alkaline 27A12V from what I can see, obviously not 27amp but the rest is unreadble. Any ideas please.

  Belatucadrus 23:01 25 Jun 2018

Like this ? According to Battery Station the size and output match.

  LastChip 23:01 25 Jun 2018

Is it this one?

  Flat Earther 01:57 26 Jun 2018

"it was one I have never seen before"

You asked the same question less than 2 years ago. Memory problems?

click here

  oresome 08:15 26 Jun 2018

Well bumpkin won't get one at Maplins this time round.

  morddwyd 09:32 26 Jun 2018

Sounds exactly like my bell push battery.

Try a low tech solution - ask your local ironmonger, or even B&Q!

  Old Deuteronomy 09:47 26 Jun 2018

I damned sure if I asked a question a year and half ago, I would be very unlikely to remember.

  bumpkin 10:28 26 Jun 2018

I had indeed asked the same question 2yrs ago and yes I had forgotten.

I found an old, no longer used remote with the same battery so job done and thanks to those that tried to help.

  bumpkin 20:03 26 Jun 2018

It is almost word for word, I have seen it. Copy and Paste almost but I can assure you it wasn't. I was merely asking for some help to identify it as I did not recall posting the question before. Snide remarks relating to other peoples memory issues are less than helpful.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:13 26 Jun 2018

Snide remarks relating to other peoples memory issues are less than helpful.

Indeed so.

  Flat Earther 05:07 27 Jun 2018

Google > "28x8 12v" > Answer

No 'dought' [sic] someone will Google it for you again, in 18 months time.

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