What is it with Councillors behavour?

  Strawballs 19:35 12 May 2013

Some Councillors think they can do what they want


  lotvic 20:56 12 May 2013

And so do some members of the public

cold coffee poured over head

  carver 08:47 13 May 2013

Really to think that this man has been following him and harassing him then all the Mayor does is use a bit of bad language is not extreme.

In fact all it shows is that George Ferguson is a very mild mannered man who also has his limits.

  Forum Editor 08:59 13 May 2013

I'm always astonished that some people are stupid enough to think that when a person enters public life he or she somehow becomes public property, and must sacrifice the right to have any kind of personal space, or to occasionally show irritation towards anyone.

This story illustrates the point perfectly; my sympathies are entirely with the Mayor of Bristol, and I'm surprised he showed such restraint. In similar circumstances I would have used far more than one four letter word.

  Al94 13:11 13 May 2013

I don't think it's stupid for people to expect those who choose to take on public office to behave with some decorum in public situations - even if provoked.

Not sure I'd fully trust the judgment of anyone with dress sense like that!

  Strawballs 20:51 14 May 2013

I'm sorry but there are some jobs that you need to show self control above and beyond that of others and Councillors is one of those jobs. There are steps they can take without resorting to this kind of behavour!

  lotvic 21:23 14 May 2013

Well, take your pick politicians fighting

and Prescott's punch (when he was Deputy Prime Minister)

  Forum Editor 22:49 14 May 2013

"There are steps they can take without resorting to this kind of behavour!"

Such as what?

Somebody follows you wherever you go,he gabbles away at you, and doesn't let anyone else have the chance to talk to you. Out of sheer desperation you tell him to expletive off. It's hardly the worst crime in the book, quite frankly. I doubt there is a single person who, subjected to the kind of treatment the Mayor was getting, could put his or her hand on her heart and say that they would not ever lose their temper in such circumstances.

What 'other steps' do you suggest could have been taken?

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