What is it about AOL et al that gets peoples goat!

  Praxis99 13:21 13 Jan 2005

Cards on table first I am an AOL Broadband user (for the past yr) and am more than happy with the service.

However I have noted an almost pathological antipathy in some poster's views of this company I just wondered why (and have they actually used it anyway). It seems to me that AOL like a couple of other companies attracts criticism that wouldn't be directed at others (other favourite whipping boys seem to include Microsoft, PC World and Microland and recently ebuyer).

  Sethhaniel 13:50 13 Jan 2005

total bombardment of discs through post and in magazines - and their very high prices (at the time) ;)

  jerichobob 13:54 13 Jan 2005

I too have been using AOL ever since the demise (?) of Netscape and find it difficult to understand some of the criticism levelled at my chosen ISP. Maybe it is down to the intrusiveness of the company on our lives in terms of advertising, product placement, functionality of the software, or whatever. Maybe it isn't any of that but simply a misunderstanding of the requirements of other people - myself included - in that we want a simplistic approach to the vagaries of computer ownership and use and AOL provides one segment of that. Maybe it's the fact that they haven't tried it, or know the 1 in 10,000 person that's had an issue. I would vouch for AOL all day long because it is easy to use and offers FREE online and telephone support should anything untoward happen.

Maybe it's the same reason that some people hate certain makes of car/motorcycle/washing machine etc. Don't get my missus started on Candy for instance. Don't get me started on Harleys either for that matter. But why should I, or anyone else seek to impose my views or beliefs on anyone else. I will seek to offer advice where required, as I will seek to glean advice if I need it.

I could say that people need to make up their own minds about things that they want or need, but this would go against the grain with certain people too. If someone can make a reasoned argument for me not to use AOL, bearing in mind that it does everything that I require in the manner that I require, in a stable and easy to use format, at a cost that I find reasonable, then please do so.

Treat other peoples opinions as opinions. Use your own judgement and inteliigence to make a decision. If you make a mistake admit it and move on, remembering the lesson you have just learned so that you don't do it again. It's called growing up.

Thankyou and Goodnight.

Now where did I put that ladder? How on earth am I supposed to get down from here?

  carolineann 14:58 13 Jan 2005

I used AOL for many years. Had a very minor problem when I installed sp2, soon sorted.

When I decided to get BB, I went with BT.
I had no problem with cancelling AOL contract.

All in all, was very happy with AOL.Luck! I dont know, but certainly no complaints.

  Praxis99 17:36 13 Jan 2005

Interesting responses, Sethhaniel, I can see your point about the disks, though even when I wasn't an AOL user they never bothered me anymore than cover disk software which I rarely if ever use. Perhaps its a case of familiarity breeding contempt?

However the Tiscali disk that always manages to tear a hole in my new mag when I remove it does!

  CurlyWhirly 17:42 13 Jan 2005

I don't know what people's problem with AOL is either, as I first used AOL 3 years ago when I first bought my PC, having NEVER used one before!
I was on dial-up then and then in April 2003 I upgraded to AOL broadband.
I have NEVER had any major problems with AOL while on dial-up or broadband though I will admit to NEVER having tried any other ISP so some may say that I am stuck in my ways and they are right! LOL

My sister is with another ISP and she has to use Outlook Express to have access to her e-mail account and what I like is that AOL is a 'complete package' as, for example, you can see whether you have any e-mails without having to continually swap between different programs!
All I can say is that if people have tried it and don't like it then that's fair enough, but what gets me is when people criticise AOL when they have NEVER even tried it!

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:49 13 Jan 2005

My problem with AOL is that I find the AOL software too intrusive. I think it is great if you have kids but I don't. I just want a straightforward connection to the net, which I get with BT.

  spikeychris 17:49 13 Jan 2005

One of the best responses to this type of thread I have ever seen.

  It's Me 17:57 13 Jan 2005

i would suggest that a careful reading of the posts refered to, would answer this question. Pathological? I should say so, particularly re Microland, and I won't go down that road again. and AOL that needs a complete reinstal of Windows to get rid of it.

  pj123 18:00 13 Jan 2005

Well put jerichobob. I agree with you entirely, and also CurlyWhirly come to that.

I have been with AOL dialup for longer than I care to remember. Never had any problems and of course, the Helpline is free. OK so sometimes you may have to wait a while but I have never waited more than about 6 or 7 minutes. After all they are paying for the call so why should they keep you waiting. Try another ISPs Premium Rate (or even 0870) helpline and they keep you waiting for ages, (they are earning money from your phone call without even talking to you).

I do have NTL 1mb Broadband (another misaligned ISP?). Again I have not had any problems with NTL. My AOL dialup is there as a backup just in case.

  octal 18:02 13 Jan 2005

I think the other problem is you always here about the negative side of any product far more than the positive aspects, AOL included. I have used AOL a number of years ago and didn't like it and moved on to something I did like, but a friend of mine in his eighties used it and loves it and is still using it with no problems.

'Horses for courses' if you like it great! If you don't, ditch it and move on to something you do like, there's plenty more competition out there, its no good moaning.

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