This is what I have nightmares about

  WhiteTruckMan 19:47 30 Jun 2010

It's not top of the list, but it's very. very close to the top.

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I have in the past been a victim several times of people throwing things at my truck. Not yet in this manner, but when I am passing under a bridge and someone is overhead I do brace myself. The nearest I came was on the M60 round the south side of manchester when I passed under someone at the railings of a bridge. I was about 50 yards away when I realised he had climbed over the railings and looked poised to jump. It took no time at all to work out that if he was going to end it all then my truck would do it nicely, thankyou very much, with change to spare. It also took an eternity to pass under the bridge witout incident. I dont think he jumped as I didnt hear any reports on the radio.


  Uboat 19:58 30 Jun 2010

WTM wow ive just been reading about this on yahoo news! they want there ar**s smacking! they dont look older than 10 so its about time the police hung around in hiding for them! its stated the kids have been back & forth a few times! so where was the police.?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:59 30 Jun 2010

Yes I get nervous when I see things on bridges over the motorway, usually when its a camera van :0(

  dukeboxhero 20:13 30 Jun 2010

Like yourself WTM i have had a few bricks thrown at my taxi,had to replace one windscreen and one side window so far,The problem is if you catch them put them in your cab and take them to the police station its you that can get charged with aduption,This has happend in Glasgow, The police say you should phone them to come to you ,so while your waiting the yobs can throw more bricks at you,I am very wairey of going under bridges if there are anybody hanging about on them.

  sunnystaines 20:31 30 Jun 2010

trouble is if you catch them no one wants to put them in prison with all this cost cutting and soft on crime attitudes.

these yobs should go to the youth offenders prison for a few years to sort them out, its attempted murder in book lobbing a brick off a bridge to a vehicle on the m/w

  Uboat 22:13 30 Jun 2010

Does anyone remember the coal miners strikes in tehe 80's when someone (Adult) from a pit went to a overhead walkway & dropped a full lenght Kerb onto the windscreen of a car which i belive was related to the strikes! its killed him instantly..

  Chegs ®™ 19:06 01 Jul 2010

I was lucky as the idiots on a local bridge missed my car but they weren't very bright as I caught all four. The police arrived within minutes of my call,but didn't arrest them,just took their details and let them disperse. Were it to happen again,I think I'd hand out my own punishment as the law here don't consider it a serious matter. :(

  Pineman100 19:20 01 Jul 2010

I can well understand your worries over this problem. No matter how rare such events are, if you're driving many thousands of miles a year as a professional, you must regard yourself as being at a higher risk than we private motorists.

And I suppose that, if you do suffer a near-miss (or - heaven forbid - a hit) by a rock hurled by some mindless criminal lunatic, then the worry must come back to you every time you pass under a motorway bridge.

Goodness knows how you cope with that.

  wellshgit 19:31 01 Jul 2010

I remember that incident. It happened just outside Merthyr Tydfil on the A465. A taxi was taking a strikebreaker to work at a local colliery when two men threw the concrete block which killed the taxi driver. Two men were convicted and jailed over it.

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