What , In Heavens Name, Is A Life Coach?

  gardener 19:27 13 Sep 2008

I have noticed over the past year or two that there are a number of people setting themselves up in business as 'Life Coaches'.

Have we reached the stage where an adult cannot steer the course of his/her own life without having to resort to shelling out money for someone to state the bleedin' obvious?

Also, why do people need 'Personal Trainers'? Makes them sound like dogs.

  tullie 19:34 13 Sep 2008

I suppose that if you dont know what it is,you cant critise?

  jack 19:44 13 Sep 2008

and are spoiled for choice as what to spend it on.
Spend a small fortune getting someone to tell them how to spent of whats left[Usually to the Life coaches chums who are interior designers/hair specialist/accessory guru's- and all the other nonsense these people go in for[ like Cherie Blair allegedly]

  peter99co 19:54 13 Sep 2008

We cannot be good at everything and instead of going back to school we get others to teach us things on a one to one basis. We may have to pay through the nose but if you have the brass why not?

If you specialise in a subject and others are prepared to pay you to teach them then you can also be a life coach.

It all comes down to some clever people thinking of ways to earn a living and finding the people with the brass to sell their talents to.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:14 13 Sep 2008

It is a vampire in human form who gives a jolly good psychological kick up the lardy backsides of the befuddled, bewildered, ill-educated and deeply confused, whilst unashamedly rogering their corpulent wallets.


  crosstrainer 20:18 13 Sep 2008

It's not often that we agree, but on this occasion 100% and some...

Life coach?


Or, to be a little "PC" here seek mental health care.


  peter99co 20:30 13 Sep 2008

That's what I said.

  wee eddie 21:09 13 Sep 2008

an Individual who has found themselves unemployable through the normal channels and decided to attempt to live off their silver tongue.

By advising others how to do what they have failed to do themselves.

  interzone55 21:40 13 Sep 2008

A couple of years ago I spent about 9 months working for a company that employed the services of a Life Coach.

The MD was a very aggressive man, but clearly lacked confidence because he deferred a lot of decisions to the life coach, and she held a very powerful position within the company.

I'm damn sure she was the one who decided to dispense with my services, because we never saw eye to eye. Frankly I couldn't see the point of paying her £250 a day to dispense advice, most of which was plain common sense couched in business speak...

  Jim Thing 21:50 13 Sep 2008

Wee Eddie:
"By advising others how to do what they have failed to do themselves."

Them as can, does. Them as can't, teaches. And them as can do neither one thing nor t'other becomes life coaches. Or educational advisers.

Years ago I had two personal trainers. My wife chucked them in the bin when they started to smell a bit ripe. I never quite forgave her.

  crosstrainer 23:47 13 Sep 2008

And them as can, and have done both need not seek a life coach.

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