What have you got up your attic then?

  Cymro. 11:44 12 Feb 2018

BBC link

So what have you got kept up in your attic then? Just be very careful before you clear it out. Some people have found all sort of things some of them of value.

  AroundAgain 11:56 12 Feb 2018

Unfortunately, only air, apart from some empty cardboard boxes, with polystyrene bits from things like PC, phones etc. Oh, and a fully decorated Christmas tree, covered with large poly bag!!! Lots of boarded floor so I'm envisioning putting some stuff up there again so I can get into spare room ;)

Nothing of value, I am quite sure about

  canarieslover 12:13 12 Feb 2018

Scaletrix, many Hornby railway items, Dungeons and Dragons, Meccano, Matchbox cars, board (bored?) games, suitcases, Christmas decorations and all the boxes of recent aquisitions that will be kept until guarantee expires. Apart from that are chairs that were my grandmother's that my son keeps threatening to restore and take to his house. I sometimes wonder when the attic will descend to the ground floor, good job the joists are 6x4's.

  Pine Man 13:31 12 Feb 2018

Just the usual stuff - two mouse traps and three trays of mouse poison just in case they pop in for tea!

  martd7 15:16 12 Feb 2018

A Two track reel to reel tape recorder,some kids games,buckaroo,kerplunk,mousetrap,cascade,scalextric,3x talking action men,one with real hair,plus 2x Action man tanks and uniforms,Dinky cars,from Magic roundabout,Captain Scarlet,Joe 90,Yellow submarine,all 5 Thunderbirds models large size made from plastic, a non working Roland electric piano,and that's about it

  canarieslover 16:16 12 Feb 2018

I shouldn't have let my wife see this thread because I'm now on attic spring clean duties. Not all bad as I found my old Spectrum complete with interface 1 and two microdrives and a couple of dozen microdrive tapes. We will see soon if everything still works. Somewhere there is also a Spectrum 3 with the 3" disc drive and there should be some discs to go with it as well. Ah memories!! Hardest part is climbing the loft ladder and my wife will have to crawl under my railway layout as I'm not allowed to kneel on my new knee, ha,ha.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 12 Feb 2018

Probably got the Holy grail and Ark of the covenant up there everything else appears to be there.

Took some ting to a antiques valuer last week and was surprised to find we could probably get a little money for it.

Found m daughters old lego set up there, cleaned it up and the grandson now plays with it 35 years later

  roger.roger 20:40 12 Feb 2018

Just the odd dead body.I thought I had disposed of them all but every now and then I trip over one when I am up there. Then there is one more to shift.

I must put in some lighting.

  bumpkin 21:22 12 Feb 2018

Fred West made a similar remark I believe.

  HondaMan 11:18 13 Feb 2018

A bed. We had a loft conversion. LoL

  roger.roger 11:55 13 Feb 2018

Fred West made a similar remark I believe.

Had he also a problem with rat infestation?

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