What have you always wanted to try

  WhiteTruckMan 23:42 14 Nov 2006

No catch here, just a simple question. Is there anything at all that you've always wanted to have a go at? Preferably something reasonable and actualy do-able from a practical point of view.

Me, for instance, I've always wanted to try my hand at glass blowing. I know its a highly skilled craft, and I dont think I can properly explain why, just that its something I've wanted to try for a long time.

Anyone else harbouring a secret yen for a new experience?


  Forum Editor 23:49 14 Nov 2006

click here

I would like to build a boat.

  Z1100 23:51 14 Nov 2006

Cure Depression.


  Forum Editor 00:10 15 Nov 2006

If by that you mean your own depression you can get help for it - see your GP.

Otherwise, qualify as a doctor.

  Z1100 00:15 15 Nov 2006

you are funny. And I have 'plenty doctors' giving me 'plenty advice and pills'.

Alas, they will never cure it si I learn to manage it but that is not the cure. Ho-Hum...


  Strawballs 00:59 15 Nov 2006

I build boats for a living but I would like to ride a GP bike (even one of the smaller ones)

  knockin on 01:02 15 Nov 2006

I know many people who have recovered from depression, some severe cases too. Do not give up hope, just find the right therapist.

Back to the thread - sorry WTM.
I have always wanted to try a bob sleigh - Cresta run style - not sure about the 'tin tray' luge though

  WhiteTruckMan 01:14 15 Nov 2006

but in previous years when it has snowed me and the kids all used to pile onto a piece of thick plastic sheeting and slide downhill with the leading edge pulled up over our feet/legs. Good fun but a bit rough on the behind! Thanks for reminding me of it though, brought a smile to my face.

As for the glassblowing, I'd really like to try a taster session first before signing up for a course (an impracticality with my working hours). Something like someone saying "here, blow in this". Preferably not a policeman on a saturday night though!


  ashdav 02:07 15 Nov 2006

I had a personal list some years ago of "things to do before I die"
1 Hot air ballooning - done that courtesy of Per Lindstrand (he lives near me)And it was free!
2 Learn to ride a horse - not done yet.
3 Parachute jump - not done and never will be now due to 3 collapsed discs. I can jump out but the landing would kill me.
4 Get the love of my life to live with me. Not done yet after 20yrs but I'm still working on it. It's not me. She has "issues".

  season8 10:05 15 Nov 2006

Writing an article for a magazine or being the FE for a day.

  Sethhaniel 10:14 15 Nov 2006

oops already done.

Take part in a mock bullfight-
oops already done.

Have a helicopter ride-
oops already done

Stand betwween the paws of the Sphinx in Giza-
oops already done

anything left ???

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