What has your wife/husband never told you.

  bumpkin 21:54 23 Apr 2017

I don't mean bad things but perfectly innocent things. I was married for 33yrs until my wife passed away. A friend of hers called round a few weeks ago and answered his mobile and spoke in French. I said that I did not know he could speak French to which he replied "So could your wife I often used to speak to her in French". Never had she mentioned to me anything about French or any other language.

  Old Deuteronomy 22:41 23 Apr 2017

If there is something, she has not told me what it is...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 24 Apr 2017

I don't know, she's never let on ;0)

  iscanut 12:02 24 Apr 2017

Me too, I don't know what she has not told me !

  bumpkin 13:05 24 Apr 2017

Is it not conceivable that somebody else may tell you as in my case.

  x123 13:08 24 Apr 2017

After 45 years of marriage, no one has,yet.

  wee eddie 14:08 24 Apr 2017

Mine never told me that she was an alcoholic. I never found out till after she left, although others said that they knew and tried to tell me. Sad, she is a very bright and intelligent lady.

  Aitchbee 14:23 24 Apr 2017

Off subject slightly but my old school pal Brian from Glasgow suddenly started to speak German [like a native] on his mobile phone to his employer back in Germany whilst we were reminiscing down the pub. He had become fairly fluent whilst working there but had never revealed this to me.

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