What has happened to Sunraysia ?

  flycatcher1 18:29 24 Aug 2014

My wife has a great liking for pure Prune Juice, not from concentrate , and favoured Sunraysia products. Recently this firm seems to have disappeared from view, Waitrose sold their stock off at half price! I bought ten! but they now say that the product is not available.

Is there anyone out there who knows what has happened to the firm ? All our attempts to get any information have failed.

  BT 18:37 24 Aug 2014

Found this website. Seems its an Australian company


  spuds 18:41 24 Aug 2014


Quite a number of companies are being bought out, and with that usually goes the name and some of the products?.

I put Sunraysia into Google, and I don't know if its any help to you?. click here

  john bunyan 19:43 24 Aug 2014


My wife regularly (!!) buys Sunsweet brand from ASDA and other stores.


  john bunyan 19:46 24 Aug 2014

Their Promo:

California prunes

  flycatcher1 21:25 24 Aug 2014

Thanks for the prompt responses . BT . It is an Aussie company but their links to resellers do not show available products.

Spuds Google leads to sellers, we often bought supplies from Amazon but they show not available.

john bunyan We have had to resort to Sunsweet but the product is not thought to be as good. A regular supply is obviously necessary for well being HO HO. Of course we were both Regulars so we had no problems there particularly when operating under Mushroom conditions.

  wee eddie 00:21 25 Aug 2014

Why not purchase prunes and make your own in a liquidiser. There's an added advantage to this, there will be no added preservatives

  BT 07:38 25 Aug 2014

I know there are things in Prunes/juice that assist with relieving constipation, but I did hear that years ago prunes were coated with Castor Oil to keep them moist and assist with preservation. As we all know Castor Oil has the required effect due to the fact that it is essentially an irritant to the intestines so that combined with the prunes would usually work quite well. However the use of Castor Oil is now not permitted so the effectiveness of prunes isn't so good as it was. I'm not sure you can even buy Castor oil easily any more.

  flycatcher1 09:54 25 Aug 2014

wee eddie prunes are part of the diet.

  john bunyan 10:06 25 Aug 2014


prunes are part of the diet

This was not your RAF handle, was it? (Whilst in Mushroom Squadron)

PO Prune

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