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What Has Happened to This Forum?

  morddwyd 10:07 30 Jan 2020

The right half of each page is obscured by an advert it is impossible to close. (Windows 10, Chrome)

  x13 10:14 30 Jan 2020

If it's the video ad have a look at this post .

  geoff96 10:47 30 Jan 2020

just to echo Gordon Freeman from the other posting. I use opera browser in its default settings and see nothing popping up on any of the Tech Advisor pages.

  john bunyan 10:51 30 Jan 2020

On an iPhone with Adblock and Safari it is ok

  wee eddie 11:31 30 Jan 2020

Mr G: Technically, Banners are actually Adverts at the top and bottom of the Screen, not at the sides but, never-the-less, you may be right about Kaspersky's use of the word

  morddwyd 12:01 30 Jan 2020

Thanks all.

At least I know it's pretty general.

If IDG don't already know it I'm sure the FE will rectify that!

  simonjary 17:10 30 Jan 2020

Hi. Can you explain more about this ad, please?

There is a video player in the bottom righthand corner but this is closable. And it certainly wouldn't cover up half the page.

We removed page skins and some other ad units recebtly, so there should actually be a lot less disruptive elements on the page.

  Forum Editor 17:34 30 Jan 2020

I've said it before morddwyd, you would get a faster response if you emailed me direct when you have a problem with the site.

I haven't seen what you're seeing, so a bit more detail will be helpful.

  BT 18:14 30 Jan 2020

Can't say I've seen this and also the pop up video bottom right has stopped appearing the last week.

Like geoff96 I also use Opera and its own built in adblocker and suffer few problems apart from a couple of the newspaper sites which protest about it.

  bremner 20:14 30 Jan 2020

I am experiencing the same on my iPhone the video takes up the bottom 25% of the screen with no way of closing it currently a video for Opo phone

  bremner 20:21 30 Jan 2020

With exactly the same setup I do not see the same problem on my iPad

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