But what has this to do with computer?

  jack 13:09 19 Oct 2008

Is the inevitable question, when one of this community wants to find out about/Cars/Plumbing/washing machines/ Legal and Banking etcetera

But that not withstanding there are among us many ready with advice or even a succinct solution to the query.

To day I have a plumbing query- ask PCA then- but before that a little Googling seemed to be in order.
and............. I came across this............

click here

If you have not discovered for yourselves all ready - join up and book mark it.

  wiz-king 13:32 19 Oct 2008


  spuds 13:47 19 Oct 2008

The Screwfix forum as a general tradesmen questions and answer section, which is very good. Straight from the horses mouth, so to say!.

  Pineman100 14:21 19 Oct 2008

The following is also a useful forum for questions about DIY. It's primarily intended for period building owners, and threads tend to wander widely off-topic, but you can still get some really useful help.

click here

  Spark6 15:20 19 Oct 2008

What sort of ****** forum greets you with a message telling you you are banned? I would be very hard pressed before I even considered using the one you have posted.

  jack 15:58 19 Oct 2008

What did you say?
Mind you some years ago on a photography forum I posted a picture of a naked child paddling in stream.
I was suitably decorate and all perfectly proper an had full parental approval.
Yet the vilification that ensued for the ill and
uninformed- decided I would not visit that one again.
Something like the folk of a certain south of England city that hounded a professional lady out of house and home simply because she placed a plaque outside her home with her professional status on it.
She was a 'Paediatrician'

  lofty29 16:20 19 Oct 2008

If we are going to say what has this to do with computers they why have all the different forums, as I understand it the helproom/absolute beginners are for pc problems, the other forums are basically open house. perhaps FE will correct me if I am wrong.

  cluckinbell 17:09 19 Oct 2008

I think you will find that click here is far better contributed too, especially the electrics forum that has around ten sparkies who seem to contribute daily, an excellent forum indeed.

  Covergirl 21:44 19 Oct 2008

First question I looked at in the computer section referred them to another forum, 2nd one unanswered since Sept 26th.

I think we need a volunteer to go in and refer people towards the PCA forums !! :-) LOL

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