What happened to my posting?

  Arnie 08:45 27 Apr 2006

Yesterday I posted a heading. "Not many people know that", pure for a bit of fun. I think around 7 or 8 people responded and then it disappeared into fresh air.

I don't remember breaching any site protocols and it is the first time it has ever occurred.

Any ideas?

  SG Atlantis® 08:51 27 Apr 2006

It's been deleted then, ask the FE.

There's a contact button at the top of this thread.

  Arnie 08:59 27 Apr 2006


  spuds 16:33 27 Apr 2006

Looks like the FE got his deleting and closing posting mouse out yesterday :o)

  Forum Editor 16:42 27 Apr 2006

but to be perfectly honest, I can't remember why. I was jet-lagged and very busy. There obviously was a reason, but I can't recall it I'm afraid.

  Arnie 17:11 27 Apr 2006

wasn't any great literary loss. Anyway, thanks for replying.

  wolfie3000 19:26 27 Apr 2006

Silver mouse strikes again.

  Forum Editor 19:33 27 Apr 2006

to be a personal slight (unless there's a breach of a forum rule involved) because often there'll be a less obvious editorial decision behind it.

I try to send an email in such circumstances, but sometimes someone gets missed. Bear with me if that happens to you - I get and send hundreds of emails, and sometimes I slip up.

A deletion can be hurtful, and I realise that - but it can happen to anyone, so try to be like Arnie if it happens to you, and take it philosophically. Next time it'll be someone else.

  Arnie 09:32 06 May 2006

"Gosh Arnie,

What are you inferring - surely you're not seriously suggesting that I would delete your thread so that I could pinch your idea a week later?"

Hello FE.

I have been trying to post a reply to your above comment. The usual message box is bedecked with an advert for PC Advisor, so I am replying via your link to this posting.

Of course I was not suggesting you had plagiarised my idea.
It was just to mention the unusual coincidence which had occurred and as you saw, a little bit of light humour followed from a few forum members.

The following is an extract from my previous posting, "Strange. This was more or less the same info that I posted a few days ago. However, it was somehow deleted.
Never mind".

To me this still appears to be a rather benign comment I made. If you feel otherwise then I apolgise.


  Forum Editor 10:23 06 May 2006

It seems that neither of us has offended the other - the perfect ending in fact. I can't remember your original post, as I said earlier in this one, and to be brutally frank we seem to be spending a tad too much time over something that in your own words "wasn't any great literary loss."

I suggest that we call it a day before we bore everyone else rigid.

  Arnie 10:32 06 May 2006


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