What happened to mesh thread

  [DELETED] 20:33 09 May 2006

Earlier today i was reading a thread on Mesh computers in speakers corner. Has it been moved or deleted? Or am I going blind as well as senile?

  anskyber 20:38 09 May 2006

Looks like the silver mouse.

  anskyber 20:41 09 May 2006

Are you thinking of this one? click here If so its been locked but not deleted. Quite rightly in my view, my view does not count for much however its FEs view that prevails.

  [DELETED] 20:45 09 May 2006

No it wasnt that one anskyber it was one started by spuds. Must have been deleted. Thanks for looking anyway.

  [DELETED] 20:51 09 May 2006

I think it was deleted. I assumed that when I couldn't find it.

  anskyber 21:01 09 May 2006

Ah yes, I recall now and I bow to FE's judgement on this since I will not have read it at the point of deletion so there may have been (as there usually is) a good reason for doing so. I do recall posts about the role of PCA, so I am a little saddened at what the conspiracy theorists will make of the deletion. FE has made it clear he will not (rightly) be goaded into responses so we will never know.

  [DELETED] 21:13 09 May 2006

No problems here, I was just curious.
thanks again for help.

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