What as happened to the Aladdin Cave shop's!!

  spuds 12:18 15 May 2010

Many years ago, every town, city and village had an Aladdin Cave shop where virtually anything could be obtained. Okay I understand that the DIY store came along, with the larger commercial outlook, but this also brought the disappearance of many items or the weigh by pound nails etc.

Over the past week I have tried to obtain various items without 100% success. One of those items was a simple item like a finger sewing thimble. Having tried all the thinkable outlets, I decided to try a local Asian owned shop, and believe it or not, they had the item. Not in plentiful supply, but at least they had the item, and other similar products of past years.

The other noticeable factor:It didn't matter how 'stacked-up' the shop was, the item was soon found among the array of other goods. Try that at a new commercial DIY store!.

People may not want to sew nowadays, because it is cheaper to dump, or dare I say recycle if the item is worthy of another home.

I bet there are some forum member's who have past and present experiences of the Aladdin Cave. Care to share a thought or two?.

  Monoux 17:21 15 May 2010

There's an old fashioned Hardware store ( complete with wooden floorboards and a hint of paraffin ) at a place called Finbows Yard in Bacton, Suffolk.

A real nostalgic trip down memory lane if you step inside

  Forum Editor 19:08 15 May 2010

We, the public, killed them.

We started buying all our screws, candles, string, clothes pegs, door handles, paint, door numbers, etc., etc. from the big DIY stores because they were cheaper, and had a wider range of goods on offer.

So we killed off the independent hardware businesses, just like we have almost killed off Greengrocers, bakers, butchers and all the other small retail businesses that used to populate every high street, and some street corners too.

It's our fault - we're fickle, we want lots of choice and everything on the cheap.

  interzone55 19:24 15 May 2010

There is a shop much as you describe called Aladdin's Cave on the road from Bury to Rochdale (click here) I think it's due to close soon when the owner retires.

There's one near my house as well that I'm amazed does any trade, as almost everything can be obtained elsewhere for around 1/4 of the price...

  morddwyd 20:34 15 May 2010

"she was still on the till taking money while his body was carried out of the shop."

Pretty unlikely.

If she was on her own she'd have also have been responsible for stock control.

  Brumas 20:38 15 May 2010

I forgot all about Smails in Bridge Street, Morpeth. It is quite a large store on two floors and it is jam packed with everything from slug pellets to three piece suites and anything in between! It is often said in Morpeth if Smails haven't got what you're after then it's not worth having!

  Þ² 22:15 15 May 2010

So it's not actually a company but a generic name for the type of shop that sells varieties of random stock....?

We have a little store called 'the curiousity shop' that sells random stuff like tools, clocks, stationery, pictures, dish clothes and various other things.

  jack 10:20 16 May 2010

From theMain [King]street in Gravesend toward the river there are two general stores selling electrical smalls to general hardware and all sorts plus key cutting - both owned by Asian folk,
Meanwhile in side streets above the main shop street there are many small and successful enterprises Tv retailer, and so forth-whilst tenminutes walk away is the inevitable Superstore
site with Comet,Halfords, Lidl,ASDA etc., plus TWO
shopping mals off the Main shop street- and all seem to be abuzz with activity.

  Chegs ®™ 10:50 16 May 2010

When I was a child,I would collect nails from the ground around building sites and as a result,my Dad had huge stocks of nails.My Grandfather kept large reserves of nuts n bolts in the shed,these were passed to my Dad.If we needed to buy items,there were several hardware shops about town which have all closed and I rarely find B&Q/Focus DIY carry the exact item I require so the item ends up being disposed of.Presently,if I required a pane of glass I haven't a clue where I could buy one but I recall buying glass about 20 years ago.

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