What goes around, comes around it seems....

  Forum Editor 15:57 28 Jan 2019

I can clearly remember a time when supermarkets - Waitrose at least - gave you large brown-paper bags at the checkout into which you could get quite a lot of shopping.

No doubt a lot of trees died to provide them and recycling wasn't a word we heard too often then. Things are very different now, and I for one welcome this initiative. I hope it works out.

  oresome 14:54 29 Jan 2019

The Morrisons trial will take place across stores in England, Wales, Scotland and Gibraltar

That sounds impressive until you read that it's a trial in a total of 8 stores.

Experience of the old style paper carrier bags with string handles was that they collapsed in the rain.

Morrisons have always used brown paper bags for things like cooked meat at their counters, as much a marketing statement as anything I expect.

  hastelloy 16:13 29 Jan 2019

We have a bag (reusable) full of bags (all reusable) for when we're shopping. We always use biodegradable bin bags.

  Forum Editor 16:46 29 Jan 2019

"A lot of veg , such as cauliflower needs no packaging."

In the past I have discussed this with my son, who is in the supermarket business. He tells me that unwrapped green leafy vegetables are wrapped because they would otherwise be damaged as people rummage through them, and the mess on the checkout conveyors is horrendous - scraps of leaves and stalks etc.

  john bunyan 17:05 29 Jan 2019

Ok , but use paper bags as are used in some greengrocers.

  Brumas 17:33 29 Jan 2019

hastelloy, £8 for 25 bin bags??? You must be well off - us poor old pensioners are a bit more prudent!

  BT 17:38 29 Jan 2019

Re Compostable 'Plastic'

I believe a lot of Compostable 'Plastic' is actually produced from Starch and as it breaks down produces among its breakdown products an amount of Carbon Dioxide plus other various things. Starch itself uses considerable amounts of water and energy in its production (I did work in the industry), so in itself compostable 'Plastic' isn't exactly innocent in its effect on the environment other than the fact that it does break down unlike ordinary plastic.

  john bunyan 17:42 29 Jan 2019


I see your son’s point; I sometimes am annoyed in ASDA etc when people handle every carrot. Some even break off the stalk of broccoli so as to pay only for the head!

I used to work in a multinational in various roles, including at one time as a packaging buyer. I reckon I could suggest ways of reducing plastic in general in supermarkets by at least 50%, probably more.

  qwbos 00:09 30 Jan 2019

Some even break off the stalk of broccoli so as to pay only for the head!

I can remember seeing a bloke carefully removing the green bits off tomatoes to save a few pennies, if even that.

I must be one of the few people never to have used a wheelie bin or the recycling boxes before them. We produce very little waste other than that which can be recycled either at the council tip or via composting, so what little waste we do produce that can't be recycled gets dumped at the tip. Meat waste gets recycled through the local birds, and the occasional hedgehog. The wheelie bins get used for storing various garden materials.

I'd happily load up using cardboard boxes at the supermarket, but apart from booze boxes, cardboard boxes rarely make it onto the shop floor nowadays, and you've got to be lucky to get them before they're flattened. When old cardboard boxes are no longer fit for purpose, they end their days on the compost heap.

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