What goes around, comes around it seems....

  Forum Editor 15:57 28 Jan 2019

I can clearly remember a time when supermarkets - Waitrose at least - gave you large brown-paper bags at the checkout into which you could get quite a lot of shopping.

No doubt a lot of trees died to provide them and recycling wasn't a word we heard too often then. Things are very different now, and I for one welcome this initiative. I hope it works out.

  caccy 16:12 28 Jan 2019

I think my mother had a general shopping bag (1940's onwards ) and everything that needed wrapping was wrapped in paper and went into it.

  john bunyan 16:30 28 Jan 2019

I can’t understand why, in addition to the point on shopping bags, a lot more plastic can’t be reduced. I always take Swedes, bananas “naked” (them, not me), home. A lot of veg , such as cauliflower needs no packaging. Sausages etc could be wrapped in cellulose film( cellophane) , from wood pulp.Bread could use alternatives to plastic, and on it goes. We may have to plant more trees , but in N Europe there is space.

  Aitchbee 16:44 28 Jan 2019

I always use a large capacity heavy-duty [35kg maximum load] bag-on-wheels for transporting my shopping - no need for flimsy bags ...

... but, I must own up to buying countless rolls of plastic tie handle bin liners [25 litre capacity]. I hope they don't ban them too.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 28 Jan 2019

Just bout some tea - its in bags - the bags are in a foil packet - the foil packet is in a cardboard box.

Its not just consumers causing the prolem but the manufaatures also need to reduce the amount of packaging.

  john bunyan 16:51 28 Jan 2019


Have a look here

biodegradable refuse sacks

  Aitchbee 16:55 28 Jan 2019

We may have to plant more trees , but in N Europe there is space.

... but probably destroy the local natural wildlife habitat, food chain etc, in doing so.

  BRYNIT 17:04 28 Jan 2019

Bring back cardboard boxes. You used to be able to pick up an empty cardboard box near the till to put your shopping into. This saved having to use bags and your shopping didn't roll around the car. These days your lucky to even see an empty box.

  wee eddie 17:21 28 Jan 2019

Downstairs buys a bag for life every day, and brings his case of Carlsberg home in it. Then he puts the empties into the same bag and puts it in the recycling. Job done.

Do you think that he's embarrassed!

  Aitchbee 17:37 28 Jan 2019

wee eddie, why don't you retrieve the bag, minus it's contents, and give it a new lease ... of life ;o]

  BT 17:52 28 Jan 2019

I recall when a paper carrier bag in Sainsburys cost 4d (old money). These were superceeded by plastic carrier bags,heavy duty ones that cost a few pence, Then they added the flimsy lightweight ones which still cost a couple of pence, which then became free, and now cost 5p. I went into my local Co-op convenience store last week and not having a bag with me as I only went in for some stamps and ended up buying a few other items had to purchase one of their bags which cost me 8p. Give them their due it was re-usable and compostable.

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