What gadgets will you take with you on holiday this year?

  PC Advisor 11:20 04 Jun 2010

What gadgets will you take with you on holiday this year?

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  Forum Editor 11:28 04 Jun 2010

that I need an extra cabin bag for all the chargers and connection leads.

One utopian day we'll have universality in terms of device chargers and connectors, and I will be in heaven. Mind you, I'll probably be there before it happens anyway.

  john bunyan 11:30 04 Jun 2010

Only taking Digital camera. Unless company is paying a mobile phone abroad can be a real money sink - in emergency give someone a hotel or other land line number.. Relax and will leave all the rest at home.

  interzone55 11:38 04 Jun 2010

I take my digital camera pretty much everywhere, and my phone (so that's two cameras)

My phone isn't 3g, so has no email facility, and for a couple of reasons I needed access to email whilst I was away earlier this week, so I bought myself a little Dell netbook on Tottenham Court Rd, I walked straight into McDonalds and was online in the time it took to boot up, simply stunning, and I think the netbook will now be a permanent feature of my travelling kit. It fits nicely on the little seat back tables on the Virgin Pendalino trains, so I could use it on the way home to type up some work, although aiming at the little keys whilst the train was moving required extra concentration...

  Noldi 11:40 04 Jun 2010

i-Pod (in case the in-flight films are not to my taste), Digital Camera and Possibly my Mobile but I hope my wife talks me out of it. Three weeks I will have no contact with work now that is a holiday. The kids will have their phones so that will be enough I suppose.


  anskyber 11:47 04 Jun 2010

Digital camera and iPhone. Between them I have most bases covered.

  ronalddonald 12:10 04 Jun 2010

a bucket and spade

  ronalddonald 12:10 04 Jun 2010

a bucket and spade

  hssutton 14:05 04 Jun 2010

My cameras + lenses,loads of compactflash. Laptop for editing images + 100gb storage device for my photos. Mobile phone (emergencies only)

  bjh 14:21 04 Jun 2010

Virtually nothing, except my camera and my wife, and she's complex enough! No to phones, computers, handhelds, satnavs and all the bloody cables, chargers, batteries and bags that go with them. I have enough of that during my working life. Work and family will have a contact telephone number; anything less important than an emergency, and I really don't want to know.

  Quickbeam 14:31 04 Jun 2010

I don't think a phone should count, it's now part of ones pocket/handbag normal contents.

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