What first brought you here, and when?

  Forum Editor 11:36 29 Oct 2012

Perhaps, as we near the end of our forum's twelfth year on-line we might take a little stroll down memory lane.

Can you remember what first brought you into the forum, when it was, and what the experience was like - did you come here because you had a problem that needed solving, or simply to see what went on? Some of you have been here for a very long time, and presumably you're still here for a reason.

I hope we can run a thread like this without it descending into a discussion about your pet dislikes, but if it goes that way, so be it, I can take it.

  Forum Editor 14:59 02 Nov 2012


Welcome to the forum. Email me using the Contact Forum Editor link at the top of the page if you need any help with how things work.

  Diemmess 18:05 02 Nov 2012

No I can't remember, probably looked at PC Mag first and then looked at this website, liked what I saw and pay more than one visit per day most days.

I know of no better site for prompt and useful answers, and in return I can enjoy it if I offer something useful back. My profile goes back to 2002 but the files only to a year later, and anything older was scrapped long ago otherwise my history on this site will go back to pre-millennium days and a short spell under a different name probably best forgotten.

  Brumas 20:39 02 Nov 2012

Bing.alau sez who ? ;o}

  Armchair 09:26 03 Nov 2012

I can't remember. Maybe something to do with upgrading a component.

Some time in 2004-ish.

  Forum Editor 17:20 03 Nov 2012


Hello again - good to see another name from way back is still here. Don't be a stranger.



  Nontek 19:18 03 Nov 2012

Hi MAJ, thanks for the Hello, I hope you and all the other Members are enjoying a little bit of nostalgia.

Technotiger alias Nontek ....

  Cara2 21:25 03 Nov 2012

I came here in desperation having bought a Mesh computer as a christmas present when the site was just up and running. The computer failed from start up and we were faced with no christmas present.

I still consider PCadvisors forums as the bench mark in running and moderating forums. Thanks for all the advice everyone, over the many years!

  Cara2 21:29 03 Nov 2012

Just looked up 'my posts' - somewhere along the line, I must have had to re-register which is a shame as I would like to see my original posts. Is there anyway it can all be amalgamated (sp) to reflect the 12 years I have been a member?

  Forum Editor 23:39 03 Nov 2012


"Is there anyway it can all be amalgamated (sp) to reflect the 12 years I have been a member?"

I'm afraid not - we've had database problems recently, and frankly the last thing we want to do at the moment is tempt fate by making any changes.

  Nontek 08:04 04 Nov 2012


Here here!

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