What first brought you here, and when?

  Forum Editor 11:36 29 Oct 2012

Perhaps, as we near the end of our forum's twelfth year on-line we might take a little stroll down memory lane.

Can you remember what first brought you into the forum, when it was, and what the experience was like - did you come here because you had a problem that needed solving, or simply to see what went on? Some of you have been here for a very long time, and presumably you're still here for a reason.

I hope we can run a thread like this without it descending into a discussion about your pet dislikes, but if it goes that way, so be it, I can take it.

  interzone55 11:51 29 Oct 2012

According to my "My Posts" page I've been here since March 2001. I was building PCs for friends and therefore became unpaid 24/7 tech support, so being a PCA reader I started asking questions in the helproom.

  Woolwell 12:03 29 Oct 2012

Came here just over 10 years ago to ask a question relating to XP and printing photos which I never properly solved, suspect that I would have had to reinstall XP and it didn't greatly matter. Stuck around, asked a few questions, got some good answers (especially about a UPS system) and stayed.

  hastelloy 12:05 29 Oct 2012

My daughter recommended the forum and I joined in July 2006. Apparently I've posted 816 times - I wouldn't have guessed it was as many as that but I guess others will be way ahead of me.

I have found the help here is unbeatable and try to contribute when I feel able. Unfortunately there don't seem to be as many posts now as there used to be. Inevitable some "older" members will withdraw - I often wonder what happened to some like Stuartli and Marcus and VoG doesn't seem to post very often now.

  Bing.alau 12:16 29 Oct 2012

I had recently bought a computer and was looking for advice. I haven't looked at My Posts page to find out when that first was, but at a guess I would think about the year 2000. Since then I have not used the Helproom page for a lot because I tend to start to look for other problems and invariably find they apply to me. So I tend to keep away in case something that can be altered or fiddled with.

So I look out for interesting discussions on this Speakers Corner and then try to disrupt them. Other contributors are much more adept at doing that than I am though. Of course I remain on here because it is more of a social site and although some of the threads bore me, there are some that interest me. I expect the Jimmy Savile one will go on for quite a while once the other Paedophiles are "outed"... Unless of course it gets out of hand by people guessing who they are going to be. I have a feeling the silver mouse is poised to edit any offending suggestions out.

Long may these forums reign. Oh yes "Thanks" for letting me use them.

  Condom 12:20 29 Oct 2012

It appears that I am now into my 7th year and my first approach on line would have no doubt been a problem with XP. I had taken the magazine for some years before that after moving from PC Direct and PC Magazine.

In those days it seemed most people on here built their own PC's and there always seemed to be a ready supply of answers to most problems. Since the arrival of Win 7 these problems appear to have all but vanished.

I was probably bored one evening and tried the Speakers Forum and I have contributed off and on ever since. Seen many familiar names vanish over the years and some have re-appeared but of course not everyone sticks with the same name. I have often thought about changing my own name but what is the point. Nowadays I just look from time to time to see what is being said about things or occasionally just make a posting to stir the pot.

  exdragon 12:48 29 Oct 2012

I joined in February 2001, after having retired from work where I had a technical department to call on when things went wrong. I'd just bought my own computer and was almost scared to turn it on. I think I found you from a magazine article (Computer Active, perhaps?) and after lurking for a while, tentatively posted some questions, convinced that I wouldn't understand the answers. However, people were very patient and I've picked up a lot over the years and have answered one or two questions myself. Not many, considering the number I've asked, but never mind!

A few years ago, I did part time work and it was good to know that you helped me to be the 'expert' in situations where everyone was a lot younger than me - it boosted this pensioner granny's ego no end!

  Brumas 12:53 29 Oct 2012

When I had a windows PC I was forever asking questions, in Helproom, on what had gone wrong or why does/doesn't this happen. When I finally saw the light and migrated to an iMac the problems that I had had didn't seem to occur so regularly, so I lurked around the Speaker's Corner and now I feel like part of the furniture!

Friday nights, for me, just wouldn't be the same unless I was clogging up the bandwidth on Speaker's Corner, having said that I'm pretty sure many others may disagree ;o}}

  wiz-king 12:53 29 Oct 2012

Joined as a reader in 2002, asked my first question six months later - still here and asking questions.

  Quickbeam 13:13 29 Oct 2012

Looking at my first 3 posts, it was the usual niggly XP/Win 98 problems that required investigating at a deeper level below the surface than I understood at the time. Windows 7 seems to have cured that requirement by way of self diagnostic and repair abilities.

Why do you ask? Are you looking to send some of us off packing...

  Forum Editor 13:42 29 Oct 2012


"Why do you ask? Are you looking to send some of us off packing..."

As if I would want to do a thing like that.

I'm simply interested to know about the circumstances in which you first arrived here, and perhaps why you've stayed. Call it market research if you like, and speak freely - nobody is going to be sent packing or placed on a black list.

We've enjoyed a degree of success over the years, but that's not a reason to believe that things will stay that way forever. We need to know what people are thinking - hence the 'so be it' remark in my opening post.

We know that lots of forum users rarely visit other parts of our site, for instance, yet the forums only account for a small percentage of our total site traffic. Why is that, do you think?

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