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What first brought you here?

  Forum Editor 17:42 20 Jun 2011

Driving back to the office this afternoon I got to wondering - how did you first become involved with our forum?

I'm not asking when, but how - what first brought you to the PCA site, was it because you read about it in the magazine, heard about it from someone, or did you come here as a result of a Google search, or a link on another web-site? Perhaps you can't remember, it was so long ago?

If you can remember I would like to hear about it. I'm also interested to discover how many women take part in forum activities, but I do not in any way want to intrude on anyone's right to privacy - obviously there's no need to tell me if you would rather not; It's simply a matter of personal interest on my part.

  CurlyWhirly 17:48 20 Jun 2011

I joined the PCA forum over 7 years ago when I first bought a copy of PC Advisor.

There was a link to the forum and so I registered.

I've not been a prolific poster over the years but I usually visit most days.

  Flak999 18:32 20 Jun 2011

I was referred to this forum by my brother who was a magazine subscriber. That was over nine and a half years ago now, I think the combination of good advice and interesting discussion is what has kept me here.

Now that I am retired I browse the forum most days!

  Forum Editor 18:37 20 Jun 2011


Thanks. Your user-name is certainly one I remember from way back, and you're every bit as welcome as the most prolific poster.

  chub_tor 18:42 20 Jun 2011

I registered with the Forum in February 2001 but it took me 2 years to make my first post, if the Forum records are correct. I almost certainly came via a search engine and back in the day my favourite was Dogpile although today I invariably use Google. For many years I was a PCA subscriber and bought occasional copies prior to that. Thanks to the advice I have received from this Forum over the years I have hopefully been able to help newcomers.

  Taff™ 18:44 20 Jun 2011

I really cant remember but way back when I did I used to have the magazine so Im pretty certain it was from a link in there that brought me here. At the time I used to wait patiently for the magazine to arrive every month and had read it by the end of the day. Nowadays I pick up the info on a daily basis and buy the magazine when I particularly want something on the cover disc or if Im going on a long journey and want some reading material - theres always something I`ve missed online!

  sunnystaines 18:47 20 Jun 2011

from the PCA Mag which was a lot better back in the day 8 years or so ago, i was doing night school on computer building and repairs found the forum very helpful then. just never stopped reaing it.

a lot of the old regulars have either morped into another user name,found another life aweay from PCA or passed away.

  Quickbeam 18:52 20 Jun 2011

I can't remember exactly why, but it would have been a PC related problem that would have been sorted by the membership pretty quickly. I was already buying the mag and reading all the various problems. Being new to PCs at the time it was all new stuff to me then. Now I don't read all the helproom problems so much, I read read the reviews, especially when I'm in the market for something new, and cause minor annoyance here...;)

  rawprawn 18:53 20 Jun 2011

I came seeking help 6 years ago, SpikeyChris (great guy)helped me a great deal and I have been comming back ever since. It's a great forum where people not only help others, but are also sympathetic to members problems and frustrations.

  woodchip 19:00 20 Jun 2011

And I think you cannot forget me, before you joined the PCA team. and it was the PCA magazine that got me hear, that's why I like the Help Forum, but as I said in another thread its not the same as was in the past as OS as become more stable and its easy to put things right if you have a problem using an Acronis Image. Hardware seems as if its got more reliable also. Remember China cannot remember the spelling of it but it will strike a cord. and flecc who moved on to bigger things. Wonder how old he is now and how he is copping. A lot of Water gone under the bridge since those days

  Quickbeam 19:01 20 Jun 2011

Ah! I just checked back 8073 posts ago, it was XP system restore not working. I never did find it reliable and used Ghost (Who made that 10 years ago?) instead.

How far off of being the most prolific poster am I...?

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