What is in the Executive Biscuit Tin

  wee eddie 18:05 26 Nov 2015

I think we should know

  Quickbeam 11:35 28 Nov 2015

I find it the perfect après-bike to recover from the physical exertion!

  Forum Editor 11:43 28 Nov 2015


If Venice is out for the time being but hedonism still beckons, put the cadburys away and nip to your nearest Waitrose for a tin or three of this - the hot chocolate lover's chocolate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:28 28 Nov 2015

Mcvities dark chocolate digestives for me, usually taken in pairs with a cup of tea.

Hmm time to put the kettle on.

  Quickbeam 00:35 29 Nov 2015

I actually have my own recipe for delux hot chocolate.

For a half pint mug, add two heaped teaspoons of Cadbury's drinking chocolate, one teaspoon of Rowntree's cocoa into half a pint of milk made from 50/50 whole milk and condensed milk heated to simmering or 2.5 minutes in the microwave.

That makes for an extra creamy, extra chocolatey delux hot chocolate:-)

  Forum Editor 08:52 29 Nov 2015

Condensed milk - that brings the memories flooding back. As a child I lived on an RAF base in Sri Lanka. There were stacks of tins of condensed milk in the kitchen store in our bungalow, and my brother and I used to snitch a tin and take it somewhere private, so we could eat the lot in peace. In Spain they use it to make a drink called cafe bonbon. A shot of strong coffee poured gently over a layer of condensed milk - delicious!

  BT 11:32 29 Nov 2015

I remember when I was a kid my Dad taking me into his work on a Saturday morning. They used to make the tea in a big pot with Tea and Condensed milk all put in the pot together and boiling water poured on. It was lovely.

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