What is in the Executive Biscuit Tin

  wee eddie 18:05 26 Nov 2015

I think we should know

  john bunyan 14:17 27 Nov 2015

Forum Editor

I take the cost of the biscuits out of my wife's purse when she's not looking -

If I were caught doing that, I suspect I would be sent to Saudi for an amputation of the offending hand!! My wife is generous but her handbag is like Fort Knox.

  bumpkin 19:30 27 Nov 2015

I have to agree with FE "Bahlsen" biscuits, I have them in my paupers biscuit tin. The problem is getting there first before everybody else takes them. I have to keep a secret supply in my Man Cave.

  bumpkin 19:41 27 Nov 2015

I also remember chocolate biscuits that had chocolate on them instead of chocolate flavoured coating as thin a coating as possible without it becoming transparent.

  bumpkin 23:29 27 Nov 2015

rdave, yes they are OK for most of us plebs, I like them myself. For the executive connoisseur I would think a trifle bland:-))

  Devil Fish 00:16 28 Nov 2015

Simple really it is what FE bribes the good lady with so he can spend time on here keeping us reprobates in line :)

  Quickbeam 07:16 28 Nov 2015

The ultimate biscuit dunking experience is with a simple oaten Hobnob into Cadbury's hot chocolate.

  Forum Editor 10:04 28 Nov 2015


You hedonist!

If you haven't already done so, got to Cafe Florian on St Mark's square in Venice. Ask for an outside table, order hot chocolate, and wait for the chocolate experience of a lifetime, served into a white porcelain cup from a silver chocolate pot. Lean back and watch the people wandering across the square. Reflect on the fact that often, the very best things in life are quite simple pleasures. Go in late September/early October when the lagoon has an early morning mist. A brisk walk along the waterfront will prepare you for the chocolate experience.

  Forum Editor 10:16 28 Nov 2015
  john bunyan 11:31 28 Nov 2015

Forum Editor

I bet your bill was a bit higher there than a few Euros sneaked from your wife's purse!! It sounds delightful - I must visit it ASAP.

  Quickbeam 11:32 28 Nov 2015

In lieu of not being able to hop over to Venice at the moment, I'll have to make my own. But it is sufficiently cold after a quick spin on my bike to replicate most of the hedonism at home:-)

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