What is in the Executive Biscuit Tin

  wee eddie 18:05 26 Nov 2015

I think we should know

  bumpkin 18:23 26 Nov 2015

Bandages, plasters, medicine years out of date, nappy pins, reels of cotton all tangled up and a few perished finger or thumb stools normally.

  Forum Editor 18:24 26 Nov 2015

Biscuits of an executive nature.

  Flak999 18:40 26 Nov 2015

Milk chocolate digestive, ginger nuts and rich tea (all McVitie's of course) in an old Frears London town tin, handed down from my Dad.

  wee eddie 18:49 26 Nov 2015


  john bunyan 19:05 26 Nov 2015

I have a biscuit tin from about 1955 depicting the Queen in uniform riding side saddle at Trooping the Colour. It contains coarse fishing floats, hooks etc - even some hooks to gut. Still use it on regrettably rare river fishing trips. Home tin has biscuits - bourbons. Highland shortbreads, digestives.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:23 26 Nov 2015

Must be this one if he's got to fight the "Boss" for it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:24 26 Nov 2015

Or a tin containing executive tomatoes?

  Belatucadrus 01:34 27 Nov 2015

Inflatable Ingrid and a heavy duty puncture repair kit.

  Quickbeam 07:41 27 Nov 2015

Fig Rolls, Crincle Crunch and Viennese Melts are suitably executive nature...

  BT 08:12 27 Nov 2015

Tesco Value Biscuit Barrel (Malted Milk, Custard Cremes, Bourbons, Nice) for 'dunking' on a daily basis. Foxes Crunch Creams, Chocolate Digestives and Pearsons Shortbread for 'Swanking' when people come round.☺

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