What exactly is your sense of humour

  bumpkin 22:08 09 Nov 2015

Very much a personal thing it seems to me. I can laugh to the point of crying while others call me sick in the head.

I just wondered what other members found amusing or otherwise maybe giving your views on past and present comedians, use of foul language, sarcasm etc.

Sometimes I can see no humour in something at all while some burst out laughing.

  Forum Editor 22:30 09 Nov 2015

"Sometimes I can see no humour in something at all while some burst out laughing."

Which is precisely why I have, over the years discouraged what we used to see quite often here - threads entitled 'a little light relief' consisting of jokes that individuals found hilarious.

We're all different, and although many of us will share a liking for this or that type of humour it is, in the main, best to avoid the subject.

  Aitchbee 22:38 09 Nov 2015

I was a big fan of The Goodies ... it's a pity Auntie Beeb hasn't released any DVDs of their TV Shows from the 70's - apparently 'cos their so-called racist jokes might upset some people. Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor still me laugh on 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' on Radio4.

  Quickbeam 22:53 09 Nov 2015

"humour it is, in the main, best to avoid the subject."

Bah Humbug it is then...

  Forum Editor 07:45 10 Nov 2015


"Bah Humbug it is then..."

Not really - I like a laugh as much as the next person, but experience has taught me that these threads are rarely successful. One person says 'I love X' and then someone says 'I hate X'. We all know that's how it is with humour.

Then the jokes start - often inappropriate.

An interesting aside on the subject is this.

  morddwyd 08:34 10 Nov 2015

I'm not a great lover of slapstick, Norman Wisdom did nothing for me.

I like dry wit, particularly in written language.

Whatever your humour, beware if it changes, could be the onset of dementia

click here

  Forum Editor 09:04 10 Nov 2015

"...could be the onset of dementia"

Like posting the same link as someone else.

  wee eddie 09:22 10 Nov 2015

I'm getting worried.

I've had a warped sense of humour since the beginning of time. Maybe I'm just naturally demented

  john bunyan 09:42 10 Nov 2015

I like ironic humour, of the "Yes Minister" type, and used to enjoy "Monty Python's Flying Circus". The link provided by FE referred to a study by UCL. My granddaughter is at UCL in her 3rd year, and (I hope ironically), says my preference for this form of humour is worrying!!

  Gordon Freeman 09:45 10 Nov 2015

Like posting the same link as someone else.

See, you do have a sense of humour; hilarious :)

  Forum Editor 10:01 10 Nov 2015

"See, you do have a sense of humour"

Yes, but now I'm worrying that it's warped.

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