What exactly is a 'Think Tank'

  dagbladet 13:04 06 Jun 2007

Just heard on the radio that "a government think tank has announced......"

What exactly are these things? Where do they do it? Do people sit around eating doughnuts and bouncing ideas off each other? Do they get paid? Is it a career choice? Has anybody here ever been on one?

I've been hearing this phrase most of my life and now I need to know.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:07 06 Jun 2007

"Think tank" is a commonly used phrase that refers to independent research centres that study and/or advocate social, economic and political policies. Think tanks can claim to be non-partisan but many have a reputation for leaning towards particular political philosophies./ end of lesson.


  dagbladet 13:09 06 Jun 2007

Thanks for trying Gandalf, but I still can't picture it, and you singularly failed to address the doughnut issue.

  wee eddie 13:12 06 Jun 2007

one of those Natural History programs where a group of Apes, or possibly Monkeys, sit around and pick fleas off each other's back.

That's a Think Tank

  charmingman 13:27 06 Jun 2007

KateB is best to ask i think,shes pretty clued up on this area.

maybe FE as well

  dagbladet 13:33 06 Jun 2007

Erm...I just have.

  Bingalau 13:34 06 Jun 2007

I think Gandalf's explanation is a good one. They only eat doughnuts in America.

  Bingalau 13:35 06 Jun 2007

P.S. Tea and biccies here in U.K.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:56 06 Jun 2007

It is basically a forum of people that is specifically gathered to address a problem. The theory being that many minds make problem solving easier. I have found that a dictatorial approach tends to be much faster as forums can never agree as one and so extend the process. 2 people, maximum, in any committee, forum or think tank is the optimum needed especially if a quick solution is required. Anyone who has served on a local planning committee will understand the difficulties of too many cooks spoiling the broth..


  wee eddie 14:03 06 Jun 2007

With only one under my belt I can't really say more than this.

It appears to have been formed to confirm the preconceived ideas of the Organisation that formed it.

  TopCat® 14:40 06 Jun 2007

Here's a picture of one click here that really worked! A consensus of opinion definitely brought this about. TC.

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