What Embarrassing Name Does your Hamlet/Town Have?

  rdave13 23:32 18 Aug 2012

Couldn't help but smile at this article, Odd News.

  Quickbeam 08:12 19 Aug 2012

We had a local Butt Hole Road, but for some reason it was changed recently to Archers Way.

  Aitchbee 08:41 19 Aug 2012

QB - I suspect it was changed to Archers Way 'cos of all of the Long Bowmen who used to shoot their arrows from the nearby castle.

  Quickbeam 08:51 19 Aug 2012

What's that ticking sound in the background?

  BT 08:52 19 Aug 2012

I always thought Thong in Kent was a bit of an unfortunate place name

  Aitchbee 08:53 19 Aug 2012

I heard it too.

  canarieslover 09:39 19 Aug 2012

fourm member

Many years ago when I was a keen cyclist the hall where the W.I. met was also used as an event H.Q. for time trial meetings. Of course there was a notice board up for the Ugeley W.I. which obviously was the subject of great mirth to the cyclists. Us young ones at the time were easily amused.

  interzone55 09:42 19 Aug 2012

How about Uncouth Road in Milnrow near Rochdale

  john bunyan 09:43 19 Aug 2012

I used to live, and serve in Dorset, which is rich in quirky names, the river "Piddle" and its villages etc. See

Dorset names of villages

  johndrew 09:47 19 Aug 2012

My father was born in Worcestershire lived much of his early life in Wyre Piddle, a very picturesque village. As children (born and living in Kent) we were taken there by him to visit but had to recount the trip at school; it did cause much giggling.

  Bapou 11:06 19 Aug 2012

In my teens I once courted a lass from the village of Pity Me Co. Durham. Never did find out the true origin of the name.

Wikipedia notes a couple such as:

The coffin of St Cuthbert was dropped near Pity Me on the way to Durham, at which point the saint implored the monks carrying him to take pity on him and be more careful.

Or, coming to the location during a flight from a Viking raid, a group of monks sang the 51st Psalm, the Latin version of which includes the words "Miserere mei, Deus", which may be rendered in English as "Pity me, O God".

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