What the....eh?

  MeV1 18:42 17 Oct 2004


I thought PC Advisors motto was "Expert Advice in Plain English" but yet on this website it saus "Expert Advice You Can Trust".

I decided to investigate and found an old copy of PC Advisor with the "Expert Advice in Plain English" motto. (click here for an image) The new motto seems to have been added since you updated the logo and mag layout. (click here for the new logo)

I missed the old motto!

Also in my search I found a REALLY old copy of PCA when the logo was made in a "Times New Roman" syle font!

Just thougt you all might be interested!

  MeV1 18:45 17 Oct 2004

click here for the really old logo incase you didnt know what I was on about!

  Mozarella 19:48 17 Oct 2004

I used to be a researcher too, but the reason the motto was changed from "...plain English" to
"...you can trust" is our esteemed FE saw the damage that was being done to the English language and HE suggested the change.

  Forum Editor 20:44 17 Oct 2004

The slogan was changed a long time ago.

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