What on earth is happening in this country

  hssutton 11:13 04 Sep 2008

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I'm absolutely disgusted with the policy of Metro hotels. They are certainly on my never to use list and sincerely hope that all UK citizens feels the same way

  Cymro. 11:32 04 Sep 2008

I just wonder what excuse Metro Hotels have for this. Perhaps they are scared that a load load sqwadies will get drunk and so upset the other guests at their hotels. Even if that is the case I don`t see how just the one soldier can upset very much of anyone.
No I don`t agree with them whatever their excuse.

  Al94 11:44 04 Sep 2008

Seems a strange policy but maybe we don't have the full story?

  jakimo 11:52 04 Sep 2008

Hopefully potential Metro Hotel customers wil show the the British armed forces the respect they deserve and book in somewhere else

  josie mayhem 12:06 04 Sep 2008

You are most likley right!

Banning squaddies from pubs, clubs hotels etc isn't something new... Many towns that are located near forces barracks all have the same policies in place... All based on the hassel that they've had with druken squaddies in the past....

The bit that I don't really understand why was he showing his army pass? I wouldn't think that this was esstentrial for booking a hotel room! Surly he would have had some other form of ID that he could have used instead?

  newman35 13:05 04 Sep 2008

I was under the impression that 'inns' were obliged to serve bona fide travellers, if they had rooms?

  interzone55 15:21 04 Sep 2008

A hotel is not an Inn, and in any case management have the right to refuse admission to anyone without explanation.

I would be inclined to agree with josie mayhem, many places have had trouble with drunken squaddies, so simply ban them. This case seems to be different, as he was on his own.

What people should realise is that not everyone is of the same opinion regarding "our boys". If you want to live in a country that loves war and treats soldiers as some kind of demi-gods, try the US - just don't mention 'Nam...

  peter99co 16:06 04 Sep 2008

Good publicity for Metro Hotels.

I wonder if they have the same policy for footballers and pop stars?

  Monument 17:08 04 Sep 2008

Many hotels offer "Government rates" for visitors and require ID proof that the guest is entitled to the rate.

Military personal would be entitled to this rate hence the need for ID.

  hssutton 17:10 04 Sep 2008

As you say good publicity for Metro Hotels, who now put the blame on a "receptionists mistake"

  Forum Editor 17:22 04 Sep 2008

Woking is a town that sees large numbers of army personnel on a regular basis, and I imagine that this policy was (a) one that was put in place by local management, and (b) the result of past unpleasant experiences.

That doesn't justify it, but it might explain it.

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