What on earth is going on with my house?

  Blackhat 16:53 18 Sep 2018

In the last 6 months due to failure I have to replace my gas fire, gas cooker, fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, PC hard drive, kitchen ceiling, car written off, front door handle mechanism, TV, & CD player. Does this sound typical or am I having a nightmare? Some of you know that I am awaiting a hip replacement but a recent fall resulted in a fractured pelvis, what can go wrong next? As soon as my fracture heals my father is paying for hip operation privatly. Anyone else had such a bad spell?

  oresome 15:56 19 Sep 2018

This really is exceptional but can happen with household appliances if for example they are all purchased at the same time. Ten to fifteen years down the road they all wear out.

This year I've replaced the multi locking mechanism on the plastic back door and replaced several double glazed panels that were misting.

Renewed the garage alarm.

Replaced the synchronous motor on the CH motorised mid position valve.

Replace the washers on the two water tanks in the loft.

Yesterday I replaced the kitchen sink waste pipe. It's south facing and had disintegrated with sunlight.

What I consider a fairly quiet year for household breakdowns so far, but if I had to pay someone to do them, the cost would mount up.

  BT 08:12 21 Sep 2018

..it make sense for some body to make a washer that would last 40 years.

My last 3 washing machines have broken down due to the main bearing packing up. The last one quite spectacularly with bits of concrete from the balance weight all over the place. Not even worth getting someone to fix it as call out and parts usually come close to the cost of a new one. Depends on how much you use it but ours usually last about 5/6 years.

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