What Drought?

  pj123 16:47 26 May 2006

Been reading/listening to drought reports (mainly in the South of England).

Hosepipe bans being put in place etc.

Moved to Norwich from Croydon in 1989, never been a hosepipe ban since I have been here.

In fact it has been raining non stop for the last four days now. Can we not pipe some of our water down to you? Getting fed up wearing my wellies every day.

  VoG II 16:58 26 May 2006
  spuds 17:05 26 May 2006

Drought means no water-no water means massive investments- massive investments means more money from the consumer- which means bigger bonus's for you know who.

In the area that I live, there was a very large underground storage facility with its own pumping station. Marvelous Victorian designed building attached. Water board decided that this facility was no longer required, bulldozed and landfilled, then ground sold on to a property company for housing development.

Funny old world, isn't it!.

  pj123 17:06 26 May 2006

VoG™, interesting reading.

"Water UK believes that through a combination of medium- and long-term measures adequate water resources can be available to meet society's needs within environmental limits."

But obviously not, at least not in the South East of England.

  anchor 17:23 26 May 2006

click here

click here

Investment and repairing leaks we know is expensive, but profits have never been higher. Now there is talk of bringing icebergs up the Thames; what next?.

In my area of NW London there is a small leak in the High road, and it has been leaking for almost 2 months without attention. How many litres would this add up to.

You should see our water bill!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 26 May 2006


We are surrounded by the stuff.
Perhaps a de-salination plant at Margate?

  Jackcoms 18:20 26 May 2006

There was a piece on the TV news the other day about desalination. One of the South East water companies is already experimenting with desalination, of Thames water, on a small scale.

The technology/process itself is pretty simple.

The downside? It uses vast amounts of electricity to run the process. :-((

  VoG II 18:36 26 May 2006

Desalination using Reverse Osmosis is certainly a technically effective if energy-intensive process. It is widely used in the Middle East where energy costs are relatively low (due to the vast reserves of oil).

However, it is generally accepted that it is not a good idea for people to consume water containing no dissolved minerals in the long term. Water that contains no minerals also tends to be highly corrosive towards the distribution network. In the Middle East the solution is normally to blend in a proportion of raw seawater but this can lead to production of undesirable by-products when chlorine is subsequently added for disinfection and to act as a preservative during distribution.

As with many things, it appears that there is a simple solution but when you get down to the technical details it ain't so simple after all!

  VoG II 21:13 26 May 2006

Leakage is actually a big issue. In the UK approximately ¾ of our water comes from surface sources so the aquifer recharge argument does not enter into the equation.

Again, there is no simple solution. Should Thames Water shut down London and fix the leaks?

  namtas 21:30 26 May 2006

Vog are desalination plants no longer feasable,? as you say reverse osmosis process for drinking water is just too pure, also it is quite costly to produce and can some believe long term lead to stomache cancer, one reasom water purifiers in the home were at one time given a caution warning.

  VoG II 21:49 26 May 2006

Desalination plants are feasible but not straightforward.

I'm not aware of any (reliable) studies that associate stomach cancer with RO water. However see click here which indicates a positive benefit of water hardness (there is a bigger document but I cannot find it at the moment).

WHO is currently working on a guidance document on RO and this should be published this autumn.

Regarding water treatment in the home, there is no reason on health/safety grounds that anybody needs to further treat the water supplied. However, if you do want to install such equipment choose a member of click here

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