What Does Wheelchair Accessible Mean?

  morddwyd 11:54 17 May 2018

My mobility. or lack of it, is now at such a stage that for my routine out-patients appointment I asked the Scottish Ambulance Service for wheelchair accessible transport.

When it arrived it was technically wheelchair accessible, i.e. it had a ramp and tie downs, but the crew told me they could not take a wheelchair because they had a stretch in the back.

They lifted me into the ambulance and put me in a small seat, little better than a rumble teat, for the 70 mile round trip,lifting me into a hospital wheelchair for my appointment.

As a result I was violently ill and stiffened up so badly that I have to spend most of today in bed! With all the faffing around my one hour appointment took, door to doot, from 9.00am until 4.00pm.

Am I being unreasonably picky in expecting wheelchair accessible transport to take a wheelchair?

  wee eddie 13:09 17 May 2018

They should have sent one of us:~ My Taxi in Ayr

  morddwyd 19:33 17 May 2018

That's much what they sent, apart from interior trim of course.

They lifted me in through the side door. Not only that, but when they returned they stopped on the right hand side of the road (the main Fife coast road) lifted me out the same way into fast moving and busy traffic and I had to hobble my way round the back of the vehicle.

These were health care professions!

  wee eddie 19:45 17 May 2018

MDD. That was bought from Allied Vehicles in Glasgow. It has a side loading underfloor ramp.

  Cymro. 13:10 18 May 2018

This like many such things differers from one part of the country to another. My personal experience is the complete opposite of yours Morddwyd. It is only in the last few years that I have been forced to use such NHS transport and so far I have had no problems with or without me wheelchair. Granted that some of the trips have been rather "round the houses" but living in a rural area that is not unusual. I only wish I had a sensible answer to your problem but what can we do but accept the service as it is and be grateful for it. Refusing to travel is hardly the sensible thing to do as like me you probably have no choice in the matter.

  morddwyd 16:48 18 May 2018

I suspect you are not talking about the Scottish Ambulance Service which has a pretty dreadful reputation across the country. If I have a 9.00 appointment for instance they won't pick me up because they won't come out that early!

A few years ago,there was a bad incident where they incited on finishing their cup of tea while somebody was having a heart attack 400 yards away (he died).

They are totally unfit for purpose.

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