What does the future hold for us?

  Cymro. 13:48 29 Jun 2017

BBC news site

So what does the future hold for us then? Driverless cars are only the start. What else lies ahead for us? Are you an optimist who looks forward to such things or someone who thinks it will end up as some sort of hell on earth? Personally I look forward to new technology with the only regret that at 70 years old I am going to miss the best of it all. Yes there will be snags but I am confident that whatever the scientist come up with wwe will manage and so make the best of it all.

  wee eddie 21:46 05 Jul 2017

They still won't be able to tell whether a piece of fruit is ripe

  oresome 08:51 06 Jul 2017

All fruit will be genetically modified to extend it's shelf life.

This works for a while until the fruit fly decides enough is enough. At a mass meeting, they flap their wings in unison creating a tsunami that wipes out large areas of the remaining land, already depleted by rising sea levels.

  BT 09:03 06 Jul 2017

I am hoping that in the future you actually get what you have ordered but probably just a pipe dream.

I've been having my shopping delivered by Tesco for several years now and they've made a pretty good job of it so far. There's rarely any mistakes and a quick free phone call to Customer Services usually brings a 'no questions asked' refund if there is a problem. There does seem to be a problem at times with individual stores. A Friend of ours who lives in Coventry has many more problems than we do.

Overall paying £7 a month to have my shopping picked and delivered is well worth it.

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