What do you think of social networking?

  PC Advisor 15:55 22 Nov 2010

In light of Tim Berners-Lee's comments on the harmful nature of social networks (click here), what do you think of social networking?

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  Forum Editor 16:57 22 Nov 2010

they mainly use it to show their photos to their friends.

Me? I'm not a huge fan, I have plenty of other ways to keep in touch with the people I know. That doesn't mean I disapprove of the concept, I just don't think it's been perfected yet. I'm concerned about the 'closed world' aspect of something like Facebook, or any other social networking site that aims to be all things to all people.

Like Tim Berners Lee I think the Internet is in danger of becoming a series of virtual walled cities, run by large organisations which want to offer users a 'cradle to grave' experience, so they won't feel the need to venture further into the vast open spaces that exist beyond the city gates.

  mr simon 17:48 22 Nov 2010

if your at university. I am often met with looks of incredulousness when I tell people who try to add me on there, that the reason they can't find me is that I don't use Facebook.

They straight away ask how I manage to keep in contact with people, I simply ask them how they coped before social networks came along.

Sure enough they have benefits but the amount of time people waste on there, especially in my demographic of young adults, beggars belief. If people's profile pictures were actually representative of how they spend the majority of their time, most peoples Facebook picture would be of themselves, sat at a computer with Facebook up, hastily responding to status updates and wall posts and the like.

Not my scene.

  nangadef 17:57 22 Nov 2010

I'm too old for uni mr simon, but I agree with everything you say; adding 'old adults'.

I joined Facebook to look up old friends, but I soon found that many of them spend most of their free time on it - status, wall and instant messaging.

I opted out!

  wiz-king 18:04 22 Nov 2010

My 'social network' is my local football club - all the local gossip, scandals and news available at no cost - I can enjoy a pint at the same time!

  Forum Editor 18:06 22 Nov 2010

I think you've highlighted the potential problem with sites like Facebook - it's easy to get drawn in, and become so involved with what's going on you hardly have time for your real-life activities.

Facebook has been phenomenally successful, and I'm certainly not knocking something that obviously gives huge numbers of people a great deal of pleasure. All I'm saying is that I have some concerns, not with the idea of keeping in touch with lots of people and sharing information, but with the possibility that users might be missing out on a good deal of information that's available outside Facebook....if only they had the time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 22 Nov 2010

I must be antisocial--I just don't see the point in Facebook and Twitter.

Yes a great niece was born this week and the pictures have already been posted on Facebook but they could have been e-mailed just as easily.

  Bingalau 19:13 22 Nov 2010

something will inevitable supersede it. I'll give it five years.

  Strawballs 20:05 22 Nov 2010

I find it useful but it's not the be all but as I have said before some people must spend most of their free time on these forums.

  Strawballs 20:07 22 Nov 2010

Sorry I was talking about facebook

  Forum Editor 20:12 22 Nov 2010

Five years is quite a flash in the pan. At the last count there were 500 million active users of Facebook; that's a huge number by any standards. If I had a business that attracted half a billion people and lasted me five years I would consider it to be a resounding success.

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