What do you think of SatNavs

  bumpkin 22:18 08 Dec 2015

I have had them for years and generally find them useful especially when I was working in London. Now not using one for work purposes and outside of the City I find that it will send me down the most obscure lanes that I did not know even existed often narrow one track roads where it can take longer than using the longer routes. I have also seen quite a few HGV's getting into serious problems with this especially foreign drivers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 08 Dec 2015
  1. you an set them to avoid certain types of route

  2. they are a tool and like most tools you need some skill to use them :0) or at least a little common sense.

My garmin is pretty good never had a problem

but the one built into the car has told me to turn right when no road to turn into and t use a road that was actually the SW coast path and not suitable width or surface for a car.

  QuizMan 22:54 08 Dec 2015

My latest car has a built in SatNav (TomTom) which I find better than my previous Garmin. That had an annoying habit of sending me off up the sliproad of a motorway to rejoin it again after the junction.

I use it mostly for the speed camera warnings.

  wee eddie 23:32 08 Dec 2015

I drive a Taxi, at night, and have a very basic Garmin. Many of the towns and villages that I visit are more or less indistinguishable in the darkness. I have the Speed Camera Function turned off as it leads me into a false sense of security and I now drive annoyingly close the whatever speed limit is in force.

I think that most of the maps have now removed the "Take you down anything that is marked on an Ordinance Survey Map" and are fairly good with navigable roads, although a little common sense is required when driving up farm Tracks.

Of course, if you are too tight to buy the Map Updates, on your own head be it!

  LastChip 23:34 08 Dec 2015

As others have said, they do have flaws.

I've also been sent along slip roads unnecessarily and taken around a lane that led to the back of my destination (some 4 miles away by road) from where I wanted to be. As I had no idea where the destination was, I didn't have the knowledge to be able to counter what it was telling me.

When I asked a local chap about where my destination was, he said; "I bet you were using a satnav". Apparently, he was well used to people being lost at that point.

Like any computer, it's only as accurate as the data entered, or in the case of a satnav, the additional requisite of the strength of signal being received.

They have a useful roll, but are far from full proof, or indeed, fool proof.

  BT 08:11 09 Dec 2015

A couple of years ago I was out in my front garden chatting to my Neighbour when a very large foreign articulated lorry came down our fairly narrow residential road and stopped to ask directions. He was looking for an address in Carleton Rode a small village in South Norfolk and was in Carleton Road on the outskirts of Norwich. A simple spelling mistake on his part but it had put him miles away from where he needed to be.

  Quickbeam 09:35 09 Dec 2015

  1. They're great for getting to accurately to a destination that you're not familiar with.
    1. If it's a local destination I want, I'll look in the A/Z and then in my mind I know where I'm going without further reference required.

    2. I always have the voice directions OFF. I don't take advice from electronica...

    3. Use your own brain when met with a farm track direction.!

  Quickbeam 09:36 09 Dec 2015

  1. My sums aren't adding up!

  QuizMan 09:42 09 Dec 2015

Quickbeam - but it is a sort of mathematical progression. Your next two numbers are 5 and 8.

  morddwyd 10:13 09 Dec 2015

Don't have a standalone one, except the built in one in the car, which I don't use because it's useless.

T have both TomTom and Sygic on my smartphone (Note 4, good size screen) mainly for diversions which we tend to get a lot of up here, and to get round flocks of sheep and ponderous combines. Living in the country is great but there are drawbacks!

For preference I prefer Sygic, which uses TomTom maps anyway.

  oresome 10:36 09 Dec 2015

About 4 years after purchasing my first, I've just bought another, this time with lifetime map updates.

I've only tried using it to the local supermarkets so far, but it has given incorrect voice instructions, despite the route being correctly marked.

Against my better judgement my wife insisted on getting a 6" screen model. It is too obstructive in the windscreen, so I've finished up mounting it on an air vent. I suppose this could be the reason for incorrect instructions if the satellite signal is inferior to windscreen mounting.

The old one used to give misleading results in Northern Scotland, sometimes advising a right turn on roads with no junctions for miles.

Prior to the satnav, I used autoroute to plan a journey to Lairg from Leeds. It insisted on taking me via Wick, some 130 miles extra. I had to insert Bonar Bridge as a stop off to correct it.

The same mapping planned a route from Leeds to Adrishaig and wanted to take me via Oban, again miles extra.

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