What do you think of HD TV?

  PC Advisor 17:35 04 Feb 2011

What do you think of HD TV? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column.

  QuizMan 17:43 04 Feb 2011

I have opted for "can't really see the difference". I bought a Samsung HD TV towards the end of last year. There is a marginal difference between standard and HD TV on, say, BBC1/BBC1 HD, but the quality on standard is so high that we rarely bother to change channels.

There is certainly not enough improvement to make me want to spend another £10 per month on Sky HD.

  uk-wizard 17:55 04 Feb 2011

Can't get digital TV! Although I am only a few miles from Crystal Palace there is an enormous bit of chalk in the way. Even the digital TV postcode website says I cant get it and I agree - have tried but only get four usable stations.

  jakimo 17:56 04 Feb 2011

on a recent visit to a large departmental store,there was a large display of 40inch HD and standard LCD TVS,with an invitation to compare both types..The HDs were sharper and had more detail,but this might have been due to secondary equipment improving the picture quality

  bremner 17:58 04 Feb 2011

It really surprises me when I hear "I can't tell the difference" between SD and HD TV.

I have a high spec Samsung HD TV and Sky HD. HD broadcast are markedly crisper, sharper and clearer than their SD counterpart.

Without doubt it is nature programs that stand out the most.

  Quickbeam 18:02 04 Feb 2011

I can barely tell the difference between the two, unlike digital Vs analogue which is a great difference.

I also wouldn't pay extra for it as I tend to watch telly while also surfing the net, reading, playing bass or something else or another. On the occasions when the telly gets my undivided attention, I end up watching while laying sideways and eventually nod off!

  Diemmess 18:19 04 Feb 2011

Isn't this a funcion of size?
A tiny screen in the corner of the room compared with an enormous plasma job occupying nearly one wall?

I think there is a difference. Using freesat even with a 24" screen the detail colouring and subtle shades are frankly better than I had hoped when I made the changes last year.

  Diemmess 18:21 04 Feb 2011

function.... not the other thing!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 04 Feb 2011

HD on a LCD screen just about gets back to the quality of standard on an old CRT screen.

  BRYNIT 18:33 04 Feb 2011

IMO HD TV will only improve when the signal quality being sent out has improved.

When the digital channels first came out the quality of some channel were no better than the anologue channels. Even today I've switched over to an anotogue channel in error and found the picture quality better than the digital channel.

  Strawballs 18:37 04 Feb 2011

The trouble I find is when watching ordinary tv through hdmi I have to change the settings on the V+ box back because the ordinary is worse that is why HD always looks better when the shops show both together

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