What do you think of the "Bigot" excuse

  hssutton 12:19 30 Apr 2010

What do you think of the "Bigot" excuse dreamed up by the Labour party.

Pretty deperate IMO.

But today, in an attempt to justify Mr Brown appalling gaffe, it was claimed that Mr Brown had misheard the 66-year-old and had though she had asked 'where are they f***ing from?

"A senior Labour source told the sympathetic left-wing Daily Mirror newspaper that it was this misunderstanding which had made him react so badly in the car afterwards"

  ventanas 12:26 30 Apr 2010

What a load of twaddle. The whole country heard what she said plainly enough. I suppose this is what is called damage limitation. Personally I would have thought the less said the better.
How I wish Have I got News For You was on this week.
As someone said on Newsnight on Wednesday, it won't make any difference to Labour's campaign because it was finished anyway.
The sooner we get rid of this utterly incompetent idiot the better.
Anyone remember the song Gordon is a Moron.

  peter99co 12:54 30 Apr 2010

It was as if he had got back into a Tardis and back into his own world and time.

Mr Mandelson needs to hold his hand.

  Uboat 12:56 30 Apr 2010

he Lost ANY trust in me! it dont matter about his excuse! he showed his true colours to the normal public that he cant be ars*d with us all & that his snobbish attitude is now exposed!

Years ago Labour used to be a WOrking Mans party..Look now ! thats long gone...& as for tony blair getting involved its all a plastic front...Labour have well & truely lost...it will be MANY years to come before they get back in..

  ronalddonald 12:59 30 Apr 2010

there you go the otherside to brown a selfish two faced dodle

  morddwyd 13:00 30 Apr 2010

"it will be MANY years to come before they get back in.."

I reckon about four, and I've never voted Labour in my life!

  Simsy 13:03 30 Apr 2010

that something that's been possibly overlooked, and not commented on, is that whatever the detail of what he heard, or thought he heard, he did seem to be expressing disappointment that the lady was upset with the current level of immigration....

In other words, what he said could be taken as an indication that he himself is NOT racist. (Because he expressed disappointment with someone who he thought was). I think that is something he can be proud of... even if the way it came to light isn't brilliant!



  oresome 13:05 30 Apr 2010

"Labour have well & truely lost"

No they haven't.
The election isn't while next week.

  Jim Thing 20:02 30 Apr 2010

"...he expressed disappointment ..."

No he didn't. He was furious, and his instinctive reaction was to heave Teddy out of the pram and look around for someone to blame. It was all there in his tone of voice.

With no spin doctor present to tell him to seethe in silence, I think the mask slipped and we saw him in his true colours for once. It was not a pretty sight and for him the political wilderness beckons as a result. I do hope Messrs Cameron and Clegg won't be too busy haggling over who gets the lion's share of the duvet to send him a nice Thank You card.

What are the odds on Peter Mandelson becoming the next leader of the one-time Labour party before the year is out?

  Jim Thing 20:21 30 Apr 2010

As for the grotesque "Bigot" excuse dreamed up by the Labour party: I suggest that it may have been dreamed up by someone who thinks that the expletive in question is one that comes readily to the lips of 62-year-old ladies in Rochdale (or anywhere else for that matter).

Doesn't that speak volumes for Labour's claimed rapport with 'ordinary folk?'

  john 52 20:54 30 Apr 2010

I do not know yet the Sun has not told me ??

Will it make any difference how I vote ?? not to me !! To think a comment made like that however objectionable would sway an intelligent person to say whether or not they would vote for a political party is plainly incorrect !! Is it not more important how the parties deal with issues such as the NHS ,Employment, Taxation!!
As someone who usually puts his foot in it I do sympathise with him !!!I am afraid he is not the first politician or the last one whichever party they represent to do this!! to me it makes him human .

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