What do you think of 3D TV?

  PC Advisor 15:11 10 Jan 2011

3D TV has been one of the big stories at this CES in Las Vegas (click here), but what do you think?

  wee eddie 15:30 10 Jan 2011

Either over the Airwaves or the Net, there will be a problem.

How do they plan to deliver their product?

  Quickbeam 15:49 10 Jan 2011

9 votes so far with no-one interested in the vote result, that says a lot about 3D technology.

  Woolwell 15:52 10 Jan 2011

It would help if the link was directly about 3D TV. I cannot find the one that it is supposed to be.

  Scillonia 16:22 10 Jan 2011

I was thinking of getting one soon but on investigation content will cost more at present and is limited. The need for expansive glasses put me off. A lot of talk about glasses free 3D in future (3-5 years) and as with all thing price will drop eventually.

  Quickbeam 16:28 10 Jan 2011

Any advance on 23 negatives with 100% of the vote?

This may be a slow burning technology.

  morddwyd 16:28 10 Jan 2011

I'll wait for full holographic display, as per Star Trek!

  Quickbeam 16:30 10 Jan 2011

Ah! Two positives have shown their cards, or are they bluffing...?

  uk-wizard 16:38 10 Jan 2011

Where I live I struggle to get 2D telly, I hope it gets better when we go digital. With only a 2meg connection max, TV via the internet is also out of range.

  MerseyMal 16:47 10 Jan 2011

Not fussed about 3D TV, but 3D Gaming is another matter and my PC is capable of this and works especially well in the Left 4 Dead games.

  SB23 16:55 10 Jan 2011

Not interested in it, and at the moment too expensive.

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