What do you think?

  pj123 16:36 01 Jan 2005

A letter in my local newspaper, headed "Let's all make a sacrifice"

"Please find the time to give what you can to help the people involved in the Asian disaser. If you do the lottery, give this week's £1 to the fund. If you do the lottery and win give at least 50% of your winnings. Just make a sacrifice and give something. Please get your friends to help.

If every single person in the UK was to give at least £1 then we'd have raised over £50m."

I don't think a £1 is a sacrifice.

Should we not have some sort of system where, whenever disasters on this scale happen we are all debited £1 to help? Not just in the UK but in every other country as well?

  It's Me 16:41 01 Jan 2005

Sounds a good idea, but how do you get it organised so that governments don't get their greedy hands on it?

  pj123 17:11 01 Jan 2005

There has to be some "legal eagle" who can work this out so that any government, Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue can't get their hands on it. It should also be automatic that no tax is put on it. Why should we have to state that this is a "Gift Aid" to charities?

  AndySD 17:19 01 Jan 2005

I believe that the Goverment have already pledged £50 million .....theres your £1 from each of us.

  § 17:20 01 Jan 2005

pj123 nice ideal, but surely that takes away our freedom of choice.

How about taking it for cancer, aids, heart, children, famine...... until everything is fixed in this imperfect world?

  Jackcoms 17:34 01 Jan 2005

It's probably not what pj123 had in mind, but AndySD has got it perfectly correct.

The Government has pledged £50m - so that's £1 from each of us.

Remember - the Government itself has no money. The money it has pledged is from us, the taxpayers.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:37 01 Jan 2005

is right,there are lots of charities and aids that need 50M,our school has non-uniform day every term thats 6 non-unis a year and usually everyone pays the quid so they don't have to wear the damn thing!.thats £6,000 to whatever charity,but they can still wear uniform and not pay it,it isn't selfish,and helping someone at your own cost is sacrifice.UK has already donated 60mill,so there you go.ben

  pj123 17:44 01 Jan 2005

§, I have always believed that something like 1% (1p in the pound) should be taken from everybodies salary to fund all the charities is the way to go. We can still (at our own discretion) donate more or fill the plastic bags that appear at regular intervals on our doorstep.

My partner does a voluntary weekly stint at "Save the Children"

We always seem to have about 4 carrier bags full of stuff to take in. Unfortunately, Health & Safety rules won't allow anything electrical otherwise we have even more stuff.

Just been advised that the Sally Ann will take electrical stuff so there is some hope for us yet.

I got 3 old TVs, a Steam Cleaner and an analogue Satellite decoder to get rid of.

  Jackcoms 17:48 01 Jan 2005


"I got 3 old TVs, a Steam Cleaner and an analogue Satellite decoder to get rid of".

Great. The unclothed, unfed, homeless victims of the Tsunami are really gonna appreciate those. ;-)

  pj123 17:52 01 Jan 2005

Jackcoms, you got the wrong idea mate. They are sold in this country for money which is converted into aid.

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