What do you really love about your computer?

  Sapins 08:51 22 Aug 2004

My favourite, pun intended, is when I have pressed F11 for full screen and I have the favourites list open, then when I move the pointer to the right the favourites list gracefully slides to the left out of sight, move the pointer to the left and it magically re-appears. I know this is sad, but, us addicts will take any fix we can get. Just done it 5 times before posting this :-(

You will probably have something much more sophisticated?

  Sapins 15:29 22 Aug 2004

Hi richard_s and valvegrid, I'm using Internet Explorer V6.0 I just open a window and then press F11 to give a maximum screen, then I click on favourites which appear on the left side. When you click to the right the favourites list slides out of sight. Don't know if it works with other browsers.

pj123, what a shame ;-)

Curio, just as well for me, I'd never shut it up!

  Al94 15:41 22 Aug 2004

Works for me on IE6 with autohide set. Dont have to click though, favs reappear if corsor moved to left of screen and slides back when cursor moved anywhere else on the page

  spuds 17:31 22 Aug 2004

The answer to the question..Everything.

[Doe's Pinnochio have a long nose!!]

  sidecar sid 21:30 22 Aug 2004

I built it my self and it works like a dream.

  Eargasm 22:46 22 Aug 2004

I "plugged" mine in myself and it works like a dream (thamks to the helproom forum)

  Eargasm 22:48 22 Aug 2004

Except it can't spell (thanks)

  Forum Editor 00:31 23 Aug 2004

that fascinates me about my computer is what goes on in the CPU - the processor which handles all those instructions and makes sense of all that incoming data.

If you're old enough to cast your mind back to 1974 you might remember that was the year which saw the introduction of the first Intel CPU - the 8080. That little marvel had 6000 separate transistors crammed onto its surface, and we were all in awe of its power.

Thirty years later the same company - Intel - is producing processors (Pentium 4 'Prescott') with 125 million transistors on a silicone surface that's around an inch square. The technology involved in doing this, and doing it day after day in a mass production plant is simply astonishing - yet we all take it for granted as we go about our daily computing.

So, what I really love is the CPU - the true heart of the machine.

  Sapins 14:32 23 Aug 2004

If I had to make one serious choice it would be the Internet, It truly is mind blowing.



  recap 16:22 23 Aug 2004

The speed of communication the computer is providing for everyone in todays world.

  kev.Ifty 23:22 23 Aug 2004

Dont think it's love. More an affair at the moment.

But keeping in the spirit of your original post....
When i want to continue reading a PCA post but also want to search for something. I like the Press Ctrl+n and then click on the Search button.

This allows me to keep my page, open a new window and search, all in a couple of clicks..

Good tip though Sapins.

Cheers Kev

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