What do you miss from your past ?

  Dragon_Heart 04:41 17 Aug 2008

My Mum

Fear of the £1 / gallon for petrol

Chips in newspaper

UK football with UK players

  tillybaby 07:09 17 Aug 2008

Mum and Dad and lots of friends too but apart from people,

Food that actually tasted, ie. tomatoes, strawberries and most other fruits too. Sometimes I wonder if I were blindfolded if I could tell if it was potato or apple I was eating.

  laurie53 07:22 17 Aug 2008

A healthy body.

  smokingbeagle 07:31 17 Aug 2008

The promise of the future.

Lascivious thoughts which gave me many hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

  smokingbeagle 07:32 17 Aug 2008


  the hick 07:56 17 Aug 2008

Tillybaby, tomatoes! Didn't we used to get these from Guernsey, then when Spain joined EEC, they sent their's here, and Guernsey could not compete, as they were, and still are not, part of the EEC? Presumbly, Guernsey no longer grow them. Some strawberries are OK, from Waitrose I am told, but not tried them.

  Forum Editor 08:12 17 Aug 2008

being filled with butterflies.

  rdave13 08:25 17 Aug 2008

Long, hot summer holidays. Well they seemed to be then.

  Jim Thing 08:56 17 Aug 2008

...and my health.

...and popular music that had several chords in each song.

...and Windows 3.1

...and the last one isn't true...

  Quickbeam 09:21 17 Aug 2008

Going out for the day on your bike with jam sandwiches aged 10 or so, without everyone getting paranoid over your whereabouts.

  interzone55 10:25 17 Aug 2008

They still grow tomatoes on Guernsey, and they're beautiful I'm told (I don't like tomatoes).

It's not that Guernsey isn't part of the EU, the problem is that Spain is a massive country, and they've built massive green houses on the south west coast where they manage to produce several crops a year. The Channel Islands just can't compete with that sort of volume.

click here for a Google Earth view of the greenhouses near Almeria

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